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Top 10 Iconic Villains of Bollywood

Top 10 Iconic Baddies of Bollywood

The B Town film is often incomplete without having a villain in it. The negative character adds lots of entertainment value giving loads of Masala to the movies. These baddies tend to generate hatred, fear and sense of power amongst the audiences with their iconic characters. The movies in B Town have given B Town villains evolving in variety of shades and many of them are bad masters who have appeared as smart, modern scary and handsome. How about checking the list of top 10 baddies of Bollywood who have remained with their iconic roles as under:

1). Krishan Niranjan Singh (aka K.N. Singh)

This B Town baddie often called as K.N. Singh was one of the earliest and most memorable bad guys of Bollywood. He happens to be the biggest and oldest baddie in B Town. He is known for some ruthless roles in film like Awara. He is often remembered with his roaring and incredible dialogues.

2). Pran Krishan Sikand

He happens to be the biggest and oldest baddie in B Town.  The late actor is popularly known with his first name and had showcased many intense and shabby roles with his interesting accents, cool looks and different hairstyles. Some of his movies include Madhumati, Ram Aur Shyam and mmany more such movies that made him the biggest baddies of B Town.

3). Ajit

This man has been among the most interesting figures of B Town when it comes to finding out some stylish and cool baddies. He is more known for his dialogue Mona Darling, which we heard in the movies of seventies and eighties. Some of the movies in which we saw him in the baddie role include Zanjeer, Yaadon Ki Baraat and Kalicharan to name a few.

4). Prem Chopra

He was known for his unique blend – the deadly dialogue and ruthless acts in his films that made him very much popular in B Town. Some of his movies include Bobby, Waris and Do Jasoos.

5). Amjad Khan

This man needs no introduction when it comes to playing the roles of baddie in any B Town movie. Some of his iconic movies in which he has played baddie worth remembering include Sholay, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Mr. Natwarlal and many more such films.

6). Amrish Puri

This man with his baddie roles always used to send shivers to the spine of people in the movies. Thanks to his husky masculine voice, which came along with some horrifying appearance, and fierce eyes that made all the difference. Some of the movies in which he has played the character of a baddie include Mr. India Karan Arjun and Baadshah.

7). Kulbhushan Kharbanda

He will be always remembered for his iconic role of Shakaal in the movie Shaan. He is among the most stylish and well-mannered baddies of B Town. His rich language based dialogues always made everyone catch his different movies.  Besides, Shaan, he was truly awesome with his characters in films like Prem Rog and Bulandi.

8). Shakti Kapoor

This Baddie is known to showcase a number of negative roles often called as the evil rapist in B Town movies. His negative role in Qurbani had made him popular overnight.

9). Anupam Kher

He entered B Town with his iconic character in his film Sharansh though soon embarked as a B Town baddie with many films. His iconic role of Dr. Dan has been all time popular for him in the films. Also, don’t forget to catch him in his iconic role in Chaalbaaz.

10). Gulshan Grover

This baddie of B Town has terrorized different roles with his unique accent and style. The bad man in Ram Lakhan, the dirty role in Mohra, Aankhen and Sir are worth films to catch for his baddie roles in different movies.

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