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Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul reveals the Secret of Salman Khan’s Fitness

Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul is a celebrity lifestyle consultant and renowned fitness expert working with several big names in Bollywood

Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul, CEO of Dr. Paul’s Group of Companies, says, “I have always believed that fitness is a religion and it should be a way of life for any individual. Fitness should not be imbibed to achieve a short term goal. I had embarked on my journey of fitness when I was studying at Don Bosco; in my school gym and it has been an integral part of my life till date since then. Determination, dedication and discipline are the three magic words which will be your only companion in this journey of good health and fitness.”

                                                                            Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul salman khan Radhe


Salman Khan‘s fitness has always been the talk of the town. Dr. Paul shares some unknown facts about Salman Khan regarding his fitness regime and his recent lean and mean look. The name of the game is consistency. Bollywood’s biggest superstar has consistently maintained his fitness for over three decades. The secret is that a good body is not made in the gym alone; it is actually made in the kitchen. Salman Khan is extremely disciplined and has a very strong mind not to get swayed and that has given him a lasting fitness and a desirable body. He squeezes in two to three hours of work out everyday comprising of rigorous weight training and cardio well balanced in spite of his busy schedule burning up to 3000 calories per day. Dr. Paul says, “The kind of diet you intake is extremely important. What worked for Salman Khan is a high protein diet comprising of egg white, fish, chicken and meat and also milk to back him up for the intense workout regime. The man is tremendously hard working and obedient, 1000 push-ups, 2000 sit-ups, 500 crunches with a good dose of cycling and jogging has attributed to his deadly body year after year.”



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