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What is Celebrity Doctor Supratim Akaash Paul’s Lockdown Plan?

DR Paul

What is Celebrity Doctor Supratim Akaash Paul’s Lockdown Plan?

When the entire world is struggling with the pandemic we have encountered even greater issues worldwide which the lockdown has inflicted. While the coronavirus is doing the rounds humans have to stay locked up in their houses. This self-isolation is creating complications both mental and physical; relationship problems, depression, and anxiety. We found out from celebrity dermatologist, cosmetologist, wellness, and lifestyle medicine expert Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul how he is spending his time during this lockdown. Dr. Paul is the country’s leading consultant to all the Bollywood celebrities. Let’s get some valuable inputs from the horse’s mouth.

 Dr. Paul how are you spending your time during a lockdown?

Being under lockdown is certainly not a desirable state for anyone. People who know me well enough; know me as a complete workaholic. I for a change am in my hometown Kolkata. Work pressure is substantially reduced as only my pharmaceutical chain “Medicine World” is operating full swing and my Nature Cures factory in Indore has been engaged in the production of sanitizers and antiseptic soaps and disinfectants. We made a switch from the regular production of beauty range at our factory keeping in mind the need of the hour. The other businesses are non-operational for the time being. So after giving my medical expertise to the necessary healthcare departments, I am certainly getting quite a bit of spare time.

My daily regime is always comprised of a comprehensive workout plan. So now that I have more time in hand, I am able to devote more time to exercise. I have incorporated kickboxing and Tabata, which I usually did not indulge in earlier along with the usual weight training, functional training, and cardio exercises. I love writing. This is the time when I have written quite a number of journals on different issues. I also write for different paper houses; so that is also taking some of my time. This is a time to use your twenty-four hours very productively and positively. I have also started working on my new book. This was a great time to initiate and trigger a new thought process. Along with it a bit of gardening, reading some good books, etc.

Dr. Paul, what are the problems people face when they go into isolation?

Well, clinically social isolation or social distancing can have numerous serious implications; starting with mental health conditions, cognitive decline, depression, stress, dementia, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, sleep disorders, lethargy and low self-esteem, and lack of motivation. When mental health is affected it impacts physical health too.

How are your celebrity clients coping with social distancing? What have you advised them?

My consultations are constantly on for all my celebrity clients during this period through video conferencing. I have to constantly counsel them and guide them as they are going through quite a mental crisis as this is one of the longest times they are spending off shooting or attending public gatherings or having their treatment sessions. Some are even overeating due to boredom and skipping their fitness regime due to lack of impetus. There is also a new age problem which most of the celebrities especially suffer from and that is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I have to counsel them to keep themselves occupied with various activities at home. This is called “Occupational Therapy”. That is the reason you have seen Katrina Kaif washing utensils, Malaika Arora cooking, Sara Ali Khan working out at home on social media. There is also paranoia associated with their beauty treatments as they are missing out on their scheduled sessions. I am giving them alternatives and they are managing with their existing stack. In a word, it’s a crazy time going on through my virtual consultations. They need to keep their cool, have patience and channelize their energies positively and pass this time.

Dr. Paul what is your advice to all to be physically and mentally fit during this time?

It’s important to keep your dopamine (Happy hormone) level ticking. Make your usual workout regime interesting by incorporating fasted cardio, circuit training, Tabata, pilates, etc. Listen to some soothing music and try to do deep mindful breathing and meditation to calm your mind. Revisit your hobbies. Avoid overindulgence in news or inputs from social media. This can create panic and paranoia. Have a healthy diet with a good dose of anti-oxidants, vitamin C, soluble and insoluble fiber, and stay well hydrated. You just need to be productively and positively oriented and this too shall pass making you more fit mentally and physically.

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An avid reader and movie buff. A positive person with spiritual bend. Worked as a lifestyle correspondent with Ludhiana's one the top news website . Now, busy being a mom and writing to my hearts content.

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Sonal Ghai

An avid reader and movie buff. A positive person with spiritual bend. Worked as a lifestyle correspondent with Ludhiana's one the top news website . Now, busy being a mom and writing to my hearts content.
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