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5 Most Underrated South Indian Films of the last two decades

Unlike a number of B Town movies, there are several good and bad movies in the South Indian film industries as well, which seems to be on the run over the star power. You can find loads of huge chunk of films that go unnoticed and thus seen suffering loads of commercial losses. At the same time, we have movies that are actually good in these industries but tend to get low ratings with several reasons. Though one can find such films getting a cult status, the critical acknowledgement but to many people’s surprise, it ends up getting a number of awards. There are so many good movies that tend to suffer with many more such issues:

1). One Nenokkadine

One Nenokkadine

This is a 2015 Telugu movie, which is perhaps the most underrated films. But in reality it competes with many mysterious films from Hollywood. It is a mysterious story of a rock-star who is seen getting haunted by the visuals of three different people who feels that they have killed his parents wherein the others believed that his parents were never seen around. It is a psychological thriller that keeps the ace filmmaker Sukumar different from others giving one of the best film to catch.

2) Hey Ram

Hey Ram

It is a Tamil movie made in 2000, despite having the South Super star Kamal Hassan, the film remains at the back in many ways. The movie has one of the best star cast like Om Puri, Hema Malini, Rani Mukerji and Naseeruddin Shah to name a few. Despite having interesting and unique content, the film suffers bad ratings. However, the fact remains above the myth that “Hey Ram” is one of the best movies made ever in the industry.

3). Manjadikuru


It is a Malyalam which is made in 2008, which may appear to be the least popular films in your list, which is perhaps the reason why it remains the most underrated ones in the film industry. The film has one of the interesting actor Prithviraj in it but it seemed to have suffered a lot. The film has some of the best recognition in India and has created a cool cinema in it.

4). Munnarippyu

maxresdefssault 1

This Malayalam movie made in 2008 is among the few classic movies, which happens to be the best investigation crime. The key reason why this film failed despite having the big star like Mammotty in it as he has shared a very small screen space in it. But with subtle acting and some thrilling screenplay in it, the film becomes a worthy catch.

5). Kanchivaram

66886 thumb 665

This 2008 film made in Tamil though has remained commercially low yet it remained the most widely loved films by the critics. The film has even received a few awards apart from being screened in several film festivals as well. It deserved to be in the best film list but unfortunately it fails to do so.

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