Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul and Ashmit Patel bond over fitness and lifestyle medicine

Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul
Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul

Hashtag Fitness is one of the most trending hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul and Ashmit Patel have bonded over fitness and lifestyle medicine for years.

Ashmit Patel is a thalassemia minor patient and he has low hemoglobin count and less red blood cells. His usual immunity is a bit low compared to others so it is even more important for him to take care of his health and overall fitness. Here comes the role of Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul, who has pioneered lifestyle medicine across the globe. As a celebrity dermatologist, clinical cosmetologist, fitness consultant, and lifestyle medicine expert, Dr. Paul has introduced the world to novel techniques to lead a healthy and fit life irrespective of pre-existing diseases and health disorders. Lifestyle medicine is a way of life and it helps to reverse diseases, maintain health parameters through diet, nutrition, exercise, and holistic wellness therapeutic procedures.

Ashmit Patel follows a strict diet plan which keeps him well-nourished, contributing to all vital vitamins and minerals and a good blend of proteins, fiber and carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This is followed up with a well chalked out exercise regime to keep his fitness level at the optimum. What Dr. Paul then stresses is mental health. Ashmit Patel has had a few unsuccessful relationships in the past which had affected him mentally and emotionally. However, now with lifestyle medicine, he is in a far better space mentally, professionally and his personal life also looks peaceful and in control. He is one of the most celebrated DJ in the country now other than being an actor. Dr. Paul feels it is never too late to take a stalk of your life and if one is focused and embarks on a journey of holistic wellness, it only goes on to improving one’s quality of life.

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