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Pushpa 2 Box Office (Hindi): Is Allu Arjun’s Film Threatening ‘Gadar 2’s Record for Highest Collection on Independence Day?

Sonam Kapoor, the Bollywood actress, recently shared her journey of adjusting to the changes that occurred after the birth of her son Vaayu. Despite her confident and self-assured demeanor, Sonam revealed that gaining 32 kilos post-childbirth was a traumatizing experience for her, even though she has always embraced herself for who she is.

Moving on to another topic, the sequel to Pushpa 2, directed by Sukumar, is undoubtedly the most anticipated Indian film of 2024. With the first installment achieving massive success and attaining cult status, the buzz surrounding the sequel is unprecedented. It can be said that even without any promotional material released, the film will have a soaring start at the box office, particularly in the Hindi market.

Not only in its original Telugu version, but Pushpa 2 is also expected to break existing records with its Hindi dubbed version. For those unaware, the film is set to release in theaters on Independence Day (August 15th). On this particular day, Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 currently holds the record for the highest collection. Last year, the Gadar sequel amassed a staggering 55.40 crores at the Indian box office on Independence Day.

Initially, breaking this record seemed challenging. However, with speculations of Singham Again postponing its release date, Pushpa 2 (Hindi) now has a strong chance of surpassing the figure of 55.40 crores, thereby registering the highest collection on Independence Day for a Hindi film.

In a solo release, Pushpa 2 (Hindi) even has the potential to cross the 60 crore mark at the Indian box office. Surpassing this milestone will indeed be a daunting task for other Hindi films releasing on Independence Day. The stage is set for Pushpa 2 to make a significant impact and create new records in the Hindi film industry. Stay tuned to know more about the film and others only with us. If you have anything to share do comment below and let us know more on it.

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