Luckhmeet Singh Saluja aka Raj Saluja’s views on how COVID-19 affected his food and event business

Luckhmeet Singh Saluja

The young generation is highly interested in leadership and entrepreneurship. Facing all the challenges and difficulties, they do not mind taking the risk. Settling always for more, Luckhmeet Singh Saluja aka Raj Saluja decided to be an entrepreneur and start something of his own. His communication skills and the power of convincing people saw the establishment of his event company. Graduated from Lucknow University, he holds a specialization in business, administration and management. Till date, he has worked with many actors, singers and well-known celebrities of the country.

According to Raj, entrepreneurs don’t rely only on one income stream. His other venture is of the café and lounge business. The young guy is the owner of The Penthouse Café located in Lucknow. Moreover, Luckhmeet Singh plans to expand his business into the restaurant and culinary industry in the next 3 years. He says, “Investing in the food and restaurant business is always a profitable venture. All it depends on is the quality you provide to the customers. The restaurant industry has cut-throat competition. If you manage to create a loyal customer base, then there’s no stopping for your business to grow.”

Since the last two years, Luckhmeet is organising the biggest Holi festival of Lucknow named Color Jam – The Holi Fest. The celebrated Holi festival includes more than 20 artists including DJs, singers and other entertainers. However, both his business ventures are currently at a standstill due to coronavirus pandemic. “People are staying indoors and avoiding eating outside food which has impacted my café business. As far as events are concerned, many of the summer events which were scheduled have got pushed and some of them have got cancelled. Right now, the situation is not good enough and let’s pray that things get back to normal soon”, quoted the entrepreneur.

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