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TV actors fondest memories of Christmas

AMIT TANDON: My fondest Christmas memories were the snow fights with my cousins. We used to play with snow in New York. We used to wear heavy layers of clothes. It was always fun playing in the extreme cold and we used to have nice cup of hot chocolate.

VIPUL ROY: It is one of the most beautiful day. I donate food and clothes to the needy people and also celebrate with a party. We play secret Santa and leave gifts on the table but no one have any idea about gift to be and from whom it was but for sure there is a gift for everyone.

SHIVIN NARANG: My fondest memory was I used to decorate tree at my home. I used to have Christmas cake .I used to get up early at 25th morning and I used to check my gifts.

SSHARAD MALHOTRAA: My fondest Christmas memory was when I was child my dad used to give me gift and I used to think that Santa Claus gifted me. So my dad used to be my Santa Claus.

ANKIT GERA:  When I was in school every year Christmas was memorable for me. I use to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. I decorate my house and through a small party for my family and close friends.

VIVIAN DSENA: Christmas means celebrations of the festive spirit. I love to go to Mount Mary Church in Bandra with Vahbbiz. The atmosphere is very good. I feel positive vibes there.  Bandra feels like a colorful city in itself and red color dominates everywhere.

PRATYUSHA BANERJEE: I go to Mount Mary church as a ritual every year. The place has peace. This year I will go with my boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. We both love going to the Church and feel blessed.

MAHIKA SHARMA: I use to remember when my daddy santa use to get me gifts in the garden on our xmas tree. And mom santa use to bake a cake for me. Those fairy tales use to be so real living those days.

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