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Salman Khan’s Kick 2 Ready for Kickoff Next Year – The Only Question Is, Will This Movie Score Another Goal?

Salman Khan

Salman Khan films have always had a massive audience from the masses, however those with more elegant taste tend to stay away from the romantic, action-packed films Khan usually does. Five years ago, Kick was released, which marked Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut. Ever since the first film was released there has been a huge buzz and almost a demand from the masses for Kick 2. And finally, the news is here that there will be a sequel and the pre-production for Kick 2 will begin next year itself.

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An anonymous source revealed “Since Kick was well-received by the audience, Sajid and his writing team are taking things extremely slowly to ensure that the film meets the standards already set by the audience. After a lot of hard work and too many brain-storming sessions to count – they have zeroed in on an idea.” Salman Khan is known for his range of characters and renowned for his ability to make any role on the reel feel real. Our source states “The character (Devil) is deeply layered. There is a lot about him that has been left to explore.”

This source also told us something we had heard before but didn’t really truly believe – Salman is deeply invested in the entire process of the film. They said “Salman and Sajid are constantly in touch – the discussion is mostly about Kick 2. Both of them are extremely keen and eager to team up again. Sajid has discussed the basic premise of the film with him, and Salman is quite kicked about the project.” Pun intended? Maybe not, we doubt Mr. Khan knows what a pun is.

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Sajid also shares how it was Salman Khan who suggested him for being the director of Kick. Sajid recalls, “Before I could even confirm my decision, Salman had already tweeted, ‘The Grandson is the new director of Kick. This happened within 10 minutes and I didn’t even get a chance to say a no.” The happiness of his directorial debut completing 5 years was evident in his eyes. He says “It’s a nostalgic day for me. I have started penning down my second instalment. The first draft is ready. The second draft is in its initial state. I’m excited for this journey to begin as much as fans are to witness it. The Devil will return soon.”

We’re waiting with bated breath! Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain on anyone’s parade and the match is cancelled midway.

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