Saazish Sidhu to attract new comers, starting his new ‘Rangraas’

Saazish Sidhu
Saazish Sidhu

Coming from Art direction, Saazish Sidhu never feared new challenges in fashion industry and then in direction. After his success, he challenges himself in film making with a great understanding to launch new comers.

In his journey of 13 years in Indian Film Industry in which he spent 4 years in Art direction, 6 years in fashion styling & costume department. Inspired by Paris fashion, he launch his own luxury brand “MENMODA”.

Later, he took a break from  fashion industry to continue his work in Film industry and made his first debut as a director in “RANGRAAS”.

He never knew he would get into Film Making and will own ‘REAL UNICORN FILMS’ which will attract youth.

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