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Raveena Tandon Candid cum Bold Talks in Front of Media Got Viral

You might have observed some thoughts, facts, talks and even some people usually gets disappeared from our day to day life isn’t but there are times when they strike unknowingly when we’re quite busy with our daily routine. If you want an example for this then you can easily get it here, one of the renowned celebrity and a former actress Raveena Tandon who’s realizing all of us her presence in the B town. But this time not with her performance and not even with her presence in some looming movie but to give a shock to the fans with her candid cum bold talks in front of media itself, I know this sounds something really strange but it’s something which is getting viral all over the globe. Check this out here..

The controversy triggered when she was went for an event by wearing pretty red attire but when media tried to capture her looks and avatar, she actually blasted like anything in front of them. Have a look on the video, it explore that Raveena was really hampered and uttered some bold words and later on she realized and suddenly asked the media person.. “Are You Recording?”

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