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Ranbir and Anushka donated loads for Kashmir flood victims

ranbir-anushka for Kashmir and Assam charity

As per the recent buzz, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, the Bombay Velvet lead stars were seen going for a charity campaign by donating loads of funds for the Kashmir and Assam flood victims. They went for a charity auction on the popular e-commerce site called eBay finding bids over there to help the victims of Kashmir and Assam floods. The customers have the option of bidding for Kashmiri Pheran for Ranbir Kapoor’s popular movie Rockstar, while Anushka Sharma gave her leather jacket she wore in the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan of Yash Raj Films. The auction for the charity has started in December 4th and will end on December the 13th.

As per the statement issued by Ranbir, he said that he felt honoured while contributing towards supporting the redevelopment of Assam and Kashmir via the charity auction over the popular ecommerce site eBay in India along with EEMA. He has appealed the customers to participate in the noble cause and thus support the victims who are in need. The Anushka also felt the same while contributing for the victims and the redevelopment of the said states and their citizens. She has asked her fans to participate in big numbers in the said auction so that the duo stars can be able to raise money for the said cause.

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