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Poonam Pandey’s Sensuous Yoga Asanas Video “Stay fit, Stay healthy and Stay Sexy”

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The day when we all are united together to stay fit and healthy, the day from which the great yoga guru’s and their colleagues gets inspired with, yes we are talking about the ‘World Yoga Day’ which is on the verge to touch the calendar on 21st June 2015. In addition to this, it’s not only the Bollywood fans n audience who’s excited for this day but also our Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will be taking the initiative to spread this message to the world about Yoga. But, to make this day something really special this time the Bollywood have something really stunning and alluring for you’ll, guess what who’s that celeb who’s taking initiative or the best word for this will be grabbed the initiative? The one n only celeb who’s always trending and creating some un-beatable fire on the floor, she’s none other than Poonam Pandey. Yoooooooo!!! Are you thinking about something really naughty?? Yes!! To make you’ll think beyond expectations she’s now ready to touch your hearts with her naughty style of yoga video with a quote ‘Poonam Pandey Style of Yoga’ and initiated her alluring video with a seductive quote “Yoga Se Hi Hoga” on this looming ‘World Yoga Day’.

Despite by the fact that the day is been celebrated to stay fit and healthy for long life but as we know when there’s Poonam there has to be something really seductive way of expressions isn’t? Yes, what you’re thinking is exactly true and the video purely reflects the same. Pointing out something on the video then here Poonam initiates the video with some basic asanas that every individual should do every day and as soon as the video moves on n on you’ll actually feel the ‘Poonam Pandey style of yoga’ right from ‘Doggy style’ to ‘Breast asana’ to ‘Hips don’t lie asana’ she shines them all, and as you know to give a last touch on the cake we put cherry isn’t? In the same way she’s gives a final touch to her alluring yoga style video with a quote “Stay fit, stay healthy, stay alluring”.

What are you waiting for guys? The video is right below here, click it and enjoy!!

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