“If your passion defines your work, the standards of humanity and benevolence define you as a person”- Aditya Belnekar

“If your passion defines your work, the standards of humanity and benevolence define you as a person”- Aditya Belnekar*

While others of his age are lingering over contemporary pleasures of life, Aditya belnekar, a 24-year-old revered person, a Digital marketing expert, a prodigal software developer and in particular, the President of the South Mumbai crime prevention department, he has chosen the track of skilling up and proving to be an asset for humanity. Aditya often has been viewed as a luminary for his multitalented and awe-inspiring skillset and has been dragged to the limelight for his numerous impelling procurements, recently his shift of perspective is what has grasped the attention of many.

“TEAMWIZARDMEDIA”, one of the initiatives of Aditya, has been now turned into a leading marketing firm and Aditya is primed to take it to newer heights. With his level of expertise, he has become an unparalleled mind in all his niches. Often praised for his innovative and out-of-the-box thinking, Aditya has inspired many. However, amid the pandemic, the humanitarian gesture he exhibited, has been causing people to corroborate his thought-provoking actions and many have mustered up the courage to join the same course as his.

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A lot of adversities amalgamating with each other, for which mankind hasn’t been equipped and prepared, are emerging. A plethora of people have been affected and any aggression in the situation could promote this grave concern. The number of fatalities has been rising at an alarming  rate. In the current situation of despair and gloom, Aditya belnekar has proven to be a ray of light for many. As a ship rescuing the stranded victims on an island, Aditya has been doing the same.

Aditya belnekar is a person with sheer will, consummate skillset, and progressive thought process. Utilizing his resources with a minimalistic approach incorporated, he is trying to succor as many underprivileged as possible. He has been vigorously implementing and effectuating his methodologies to work towards human development. “People t the ulterior dais are bound to aid the underprivileged. The victims and the underprivileged should not abandon hope and the rescuers should seek with undying efforts, only then the yielded results would be positive.” These are the convictions of Belnekar.

Having procured immense recognition and followers on his social media platforms, he has gained profound prominence and has come out as a real-life influencer. Exemplary to many, Aditya belnekar has been trying to coordinate and collaborate with institutions and organizations endeavoring to work towards the betterment and welfare of the people. Basic necessities comprising of fooding and eatables, Aditya has been prioritizing the needs of many, keeping in mind the assorted aspects of health, medication and environment. He has been trying to aid and revolutionize their lives on a circumstantial basis.

Working towards social economic and cultural development, Aditya has been jostling to provide necessities and uplift the needy. An untold number of NGOs, organizations, and individuals have recognized his work and have come to the frontline to corroborate his work. He also has been impelling many. In a world where despair and selfishness were strolling in, to see people like Aditya has been ever-contenting and heart-changing.

We wish him good luck for his venture and hope his vision of aiding others is a success. We hope his will triumphs over all evil!

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