Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Foodpanda is a popular food portal for the food lovers. The site has been popular in all the major cities for connecting all sorts of restaurants and food joints together at one platform allowing people to shop wide range of cuisines of their choice. As per the latest buzz, the eCommerce portal has roped in Sunny Leone for its digital marketing campaign.

The former porn actress would be the part of the online marketing campaign for the ecommerce company for food delivery and similar things. The campaign will portray the amount of brands that would come to rescue to the people and food lovers in the time of cash crunch situations which have been caused to the demonetization effect.

At such junctures, many ecommerce companies are taking all loads of mileage to target the consumers using their plastic money to order food and other stuff. The ad campaign for Foodpanda is primarily being targeted to the social media with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

The campaign videos would help the Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber in an casual relaxed disposition at her home while yearning for some of the great deals for food. Well, it seems that the ecommerce site Foodpanda has done all the trick for her. It will be a small digital campaign which will first and by large play on the Snapchat.

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