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Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan Vs Rashmi Desai? said Arhaan “Rashmi was on the road”

Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan
Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan

The atmosphere of Bigg Boss 13’s house is becoming amusing day by day. In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss, viewers will get to see some big turns inside the house. In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 13, Arhaan appears to talk to Shefali Bagga about Rashmi.

He is seen telling Shefali Bagga how Rashmi was completely disappointed in her life and that she had come on the road. Arhan further says that he was the only one who got Rashmi out of the atmosphere and helped her to correct her situation.

Arhaan even said that “I have brought her up to here, I only know how I brought her to this place.” Siddharth and Paras, who were listening to these things from the secret room, Hearing of Arhaan, he was seen laughing.

Rashmi was seen telling Bigg Boss that she needed to leave the show and she was seen crying. Seeing this condition of Rashmi, Salman decided to go inside the house. He tells Arhaan that he has made a big mistake by not disclosing about his past life to Rashmi. He even asked to settle the issues between them.

Salman told Rashmi that he told Rashmi all because he has known Rashmi for many years and also because Arhaan has proposed Rashmi on national television.

Now let’s see what turns Arhaan and Rashmi’s relationship in Bigg Boss 13 is going to be seen.

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