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USA newspaper published about human-animal hybrid babies eventually turned out to be Netflix’s ad, details inside!

Brands sometimes get very creative when it comes to marketing. However, this can turn bizarre when what they this is creative turners out to be offensive to others. Recently an advertisement came under fire when USA Today’s front page come out teasing human-animal hybrid babies. Well, at first it looked like a genuine front page from the newspaper, but it was an advertisement for the new Netflix series Sweet Tooth. The show, based on the DC Comics series by Jeff Lemire, was released on the digital platform.

Hybrid Babies Born Across the US

The page included a report on the rising number of immigrants in a Texas border town. The ad featured an image from Sweet Tooth, showing a baby with goat horns. “Hybrid babies born across the US,” the headline reads. “World reacts to a new generation of half-human, half-animal children with both awe and concern.”

Sweet Tooth started streaming on Netflix on June 4, 2021. The show is about a world where babies are mysteriously born half-human, half-animal. A young boy name Gun played by Christian Convery a human-animal hybrid who is on adventures to learn about his background in a world that’s desperate to eliminate him.

Starring Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, and James Brolin in important roles the show is based on the comic book of the same name by Jeff Lemire.

Hybrid babies born USA today, a newspaper front page shows hybrid babies aka half human half animal, what is the truth? Find out the full story

Fake news, which is intentionally misleading misinformation disguised as legitimate news, is changing the way consumers perceive brands. More importantly, it is altering their willingness to trust them.

While fake news is most often associated with politics and celebrities, it can have an impact on your brand as well. Web advancements have enabled the dissemination of deceptive reporting, fabricated content, and fabricated stories.

hybrid babies

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Hybrid babies born USA today

Recently it was reported that Hybrid Babies are born across the US. The cover of USA Today’s June 4 weekend edition newspaper warned of “a new generation of half-human, half-animal children.” This human hybrid babies USA Today story was misinterpreted by some social media users as being a real story. However, it turned out to be a promotional activity for Netflix. The posts feature an image of the newspaper USA Today, with the headline “Hybrid babies born across the US.” The world reacts with awe and concern to a new generation of half-human, half-animal children.”

The false front page featured two small articles about the threat of “hybrids” to national security and how hybrids are “the greatest mystery of our lifetime.”

The only clue that the cover is a forgery is the word “ADVERTISEMENT” written in a tiny font just above the headline.

USA Today Newspaper Hybrid Babies

Gus, a deer-human hybrid child, embarks on an adventure to learn more about why he and other children in the United States were born part human, part animal. USA Today newspaper hybrid babies published about the series which is based on a DC Comics comic book of the same name.

The real front cover of USA Today was tucked neatly behind the advertisement and featured a report on the impact of migrants on the border town of McAllen, Texas.

Some users are taking the story seriously, as evidenced by comments and captions. “What?” is one of them. “Is this for real?”; “All I need is God’s help… “To be very clear, these human/animal hybrid babies were found in large numbers when the [Deep Underground Military Bases] was raided last year and millions of children (and women – the breeders) were rescued for human trafficking.”

“The ‘cover’ was an ad wrap campaign that was clearly labeled an advertisement per our advertising guidelines and protocols,” Lark-Marie Anton, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Gannett, which owns USA Today, confirmed to a media.

Anton explained that the advertisement was for a Netflix series called “Sweet Tooth,” which is about a boy who is half-human and half-deer who lives in a post-apocalyptic world.

Two of the babies featured in the USA Today advertisement can be seen in a Netflix tweet, as well as the series trailer and teaser. The baby in the advertisement can be seen around 7:45 in the first episode of Netflix.

There is no context. The image depicts a commercial for the Netflix series “Sweet Tooth,” not a real newspaper story.

Sweet Tooth, based on Jeff Lemire’s comic book, premiered on Netflix on June 4th, 2021. Warner Brothers Television, DC Entertainment, and Team Downey are behind it.

The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after a viral pandemic wipes out the majority of the world’s population. It also witnesses the birth of hybrid children. Gus, a young boy who is half-human and half-deer, lives in a remote location with his father.

Sweet Tooth received a minor update on June 6th, 2022 during Netflix’s Geeked Week.

According to reports, filming on season 2 of the show had officially wrapped, with the cast all cheering on set on the announcement. Filming wrapped up slightly earlier than expected, with the original filming deadline set for June 10th, 2022.

When was the second season of Sweet Tooth announced? How did Sweet Tooth fare on Netflix?

To be renewed by Netflix, shows must meet certain criteria, and while we never know exactly what those criteria are, Sweet Tooth clearly met them and was thus renewed for a second season.

According to our tracking and data from FlixPatrol, the show was a hit in almost all Netflix regions. This year, we’ve seen that most shows that can stay in the top 10s in at least one region for around 30 days will get a new season.

The show was in the top ten in the United States for about 30 days. In the United Kingdom, that number was 32 days. In fact, almost every region of Netflix that FlixPatrol monitors indicate that the show was a worldwide success.

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Hybrid Babies USA Today

According to newly released “hours viewed” top 10 data, the series was watched for more than 34 million hours between June 27th and July 11th. Unfortunately, we do not have data prior to June 27th.

Furthermore, in Netflix’s Q2 2021 earnings report, they revealed how many people had tried out the show (watched at least two minutes). Within the first 28 days of the show’s global broadcast, 60,000,000 households watched it.

The show also fared well critically, with a Metacritic user score of 7.4 and a critical score of 78. The show has a 7.9 rating on IMDb.

Nielsen has also included the show four times in its top ten lists, totaling 3,213 million minutes watched so far (their data only applies to the US).

The second season was announced a little before Netflix’s social media officially unveiled it, with numerous members of the cast and other parties obtaining chocolate with a big position two on the front.

Netflix has not yet confirmed the release date. According to the current scenario, filming has concluded, and if the producers take another six months to complete post-production work, we could see Sweet Tooth Season 2 in early 2023. Keep an eye on Devdiscourse for more information on the Netflix series.

Meanwhile, in April, researchers in the United States and China announced for the first time that they had successfully injected human cells into a monkey embryo. These chimeras, or organisms with multiple sets of DNA, are created with the intention of growing human organs for transplants, researching human illnesses, or testing new drugs.

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USA Today Hybrid Babies Born Across the US

“Human-animal hybrid experiments are taking place away from the media spotlight,” one Facebook user wrote on June 12. “A woman in Norway recently gave birth to this Human-Elephant hybrid.”

The post includes a photo of a baby with an elongated nose, no fingers or toes, and ginger hair.

The original claim that the image depicts a genetically modified child comes from a 2015 article on Huzlers, a “satirical and fictional entertainment blog.” The sculpture depicted in the Facebook posts is over a decade old.

The photograph in the Facebook post does not depict a real baby. It’s from a ten-year-old art exhibition.

The sculpture, titled “Newborn,” was featured in an exhibition by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini in 2010. According to Piccinini’s website, it is made of “silicone, fiberglass, human hair, and feral New Zealand possum pelt.”

The sculpture was part of the exhibition “Beyond our Kin,” which ran from November 11 to December 4, 2010, at the Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

The image purporting to show the Blue Angels’ ‘Hand of God’ maneuver is a digital drawing.

“I am fascinated by the narrative and ethical ramifications of our increasingly sophisticated understanding of and interventions into the structure of life,” Piccinini said of the show.

Piccinini’s other works include “The Student,” “Kindred,” and “Prone.”

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In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.
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