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Tehmeena Afzal Model Age, Height, Birthplace, Boyfriend, Wiki

Tehmeena Afzal’s Biography :

Born: 11 August 1980
Age: 42 Years
Birthplace: Pakistan
Height: 5.4
New York Institute of Technology
Birth sign:

tehmeena afzal

Tehmeena Afzal – Detail Information

Tehmeena Afzal is a Pakistan-origin Model settled in the United States. She was born on 11 August 1980 in Pakistan in a strict Muslim family. She was brought up in Queens in New York wherein she did her schooling and college in NY itself. She got a scholarship to the NY Institute of Technology wherein she completed her Bachelor’s Degree but landed up doing a business in the music industry. Her high school career achievements simply include All-City Player, Female Athlete of the All-State player.

Her career started with her Urban Music Portal called Tehmeena, which created all waves giving her enough exposure to boost her business. Tehmeema Afzal was recognized as an Asian lady who embarked in the media breaking all barriers for just music. She kept on moving in the glamour world despite being disowned by most Pakistani families due to her bold steps. She then started doing a number of music videos along with getting featured in different magazines.

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Tehmeena Afzal

Tehmeena Afzal was soon selected for the calendar for Miss Playboy Public. She has won Miss Social – the non-nude monthly competition for the much-hyped magazine called Playboy. During her college days, she also worked as a car saleswoman and real estate agent. As far as her family life is concerned, she has two sons Jaiden Blake and Aiden Blaise. She is gearing up to be the new face of B Town soon treading the path of Sunny Leone of the US and Veena Malik in the film industry.

tehmeena afzal model

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