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Main Tera Hero Movie Review

Main Tera Hero Movie review

Varun Dhawan didn’t have to wait long to see his other movie in the industry, which finally hits this week named Main Tera Hero, with love gorgeous gals – Nargis Fakhiri and leana D’Cruz. The movie is called as a glittering vehicle for the start son called Varun in order to drive smoothly as practiced flamboyance. Though he has his dad taking care of his ups and down, but Varun seems to be doing good in this movie unlike the way he did in his first Student of the year. If you talk about the theme or the story it is more about a love triangle wherein he seems to be caught and hold by one or the other gorgeous chicks in the film.

Probably one of the interesting or rather refreshing things about Main Tera Hero is that it has not a single superstar in the lead character, which renders Varun an opportunity to do something incredible. David, however, has tried to showcase a perfect blend of Salman and Govinda in this movie in Varun, wherein he is sseen with certain stunts like the former and dance disco moves unlike the latter hero of the industry. If you do not talk much about the story line then you have really something interesting about the movie to talk about. As per critics, the movie seems to doing well in terms of performance, right from Varun to the two hot chicks and of course others like Anupam Kher etc.

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The first half seems to be creating some kind of temptation in order to dig deep into the movie, however, the post interval has something really fuzzy, which breaks up the interest. The script in the second half seems to dwindling down wherein you can find too many roles or characters embarking. This simply creates a number of subplots in the movie, which at the end of the day really mess up the movie. Nonetheless, Main Tera Hero still seems to have the capacity to stick your feet in the floor, while you see some really crispy kind of dialogues coming out leading to a number of chuckles.

Main Tera Hero Review : Last words

As far as the editing thing is concerned, you can find the movie being artfully edited, while maintaining the right length, which hardly give you any second to yawn for sure. Fortunately, the soundtrack comes out to be a devoid discovered in the sufi-pop style rather going for the masala way. Interestingly, this really suits the movie and the energy you find in it. Lastly, talking about the songs, they somewhere seem to be largely unrelated, and do keep on cropping up randomly.

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