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Youngistaan Movie Review

Youngistaan movie

As the election campaign gears up in the country, it is more likely to see the subject being covered in the Bollywood movies as well. The movie Youngistaan somewhere can be called as touching the one of the biggest events seen in any Democratic nation. If you dig deep, the aforementioned movie, it can be called as a real time political drama, which somehow was also seen getting promoted as a romantic comedy by the makers of Youngistaan. Nonetheless, it is more about politics rather than love or romance. The leading stars of the movie encompass Jackky Bhagnani, Neha Sharma and the ace actor Farooque Sheikh who is no more with us.

The story revolves around the character of Jackky Bhagnani an oversea educated NRI son, who is compelled to take over the reign of his country after the sudden demise of his father. Unlike the erstwhile political movies like Rajneeti, Youngistaan is not taking itself so seriously. Here you do not see any kind of endeavor by the director demonizing the country’s politician. Jackky is seen playing the character, which happens to be an amalgamation of several political dreams. Never mind to see a few of the dreams are accomplished while the others turn down to a nightmare.

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The medium of cinema is simply about redemption and hope. In a country, which is heading towards deterioration, the lessons of political sagacity, foresight and clarity amidst the heated election time is always a welcome step. Fortunately, the young PM shown in the movie (Jackky) is seen adding the right compassion and temperance in the played character. This guy simply thinks and does straight come what may in his way. In a sense, the movie is cleverly crafted the political allegory wherein he has the audacity to sign anybody’s tune in drunken state and call his job as thankless one. So Youngistaan is more about a political drama apart from being also a romantic comedy when Mr. Prime Minister is seen with his fun loving girl friend.

Last Words of Youngistaan movie review :

Every character in the film, whether big or small is perfectly casted and Jacky in his role of PM seems to showcase his excellent performance check his splendid emotional scene with his dead father.  The movie seems to work fine somewhere amidst the stark while other time seem running funny and showing certain offensive reality of the Indian polity.  Syed Ahmad Afzal, the writer cum director of the movie, is able to sexily sketch Youngistaan, which makes it a worth watching movie. After all, you have the sense of mischief that is seen underlining in extremely powerful message regarding the young people who are seen shouldering the nation’s governance without actually resorting to the old stereotypical morality and even the dress code of our so called neta-giri in India.

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