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O Teri Movie Review

O Teri Review

O Teri – movie title is simply an exclamation, which can be implied anywhere and everywhere. You can use it right from the resentment, perplexity, disappointment to embarrassment and also to astonishment to express your disbelief. O Teri is a short film of 107 minutes, which simply gives complete frontal assault wherein it is also seen pushing the audience at the back stage. Hence the only emotion you experience here in the film is the disgust, which eventually makes it a tough to classify it as a movie. At times, you may be right not even claiming it a movie. In a sense it is made like a political satire, which can be called as a humorous remake of Jai Ho.

The film has a team of blundering TV journalists who intends to head a system cleaning operation. However, they are seen creating all the mess rather than crafting good news. O Teri produced by Atul Agnihotri and directed by Umesh Bist is a film, which attempts to open up the can of worms being owned by the corrupt politicians, selfish corporate lobbyists, greedy government contractors, opportunist media houses and ruthless bureaucrats. All efforts of the director are to expose these filthy elements of the society before the world. O Teri has two lead characters – Pulkit Samrat and debutant Bilal Amrohi who are TV reporters in the film based in National capital.

Their news hungry boss – Sarah Jane Dias is seen barking and yelling on the duo and asking them every now and then to dig new scoops for her channels TRP. The poor friends have no option but to take the lady anchor seriously and thus seen exposing some of the most remarkable and shattering kind of scams. Thus you can find the film making some real time references of the past like and the infamous Commonwealth games scam, the media compromises, greedy corporate groups and also the sex scam.

Though the movie attempts to showcase some incredible message but it fails to suffice the basics of film making. Amidst the film, you have some really talented actors like Raaz, Anupam Kher and Mandira Bedi. However, all the three doesn’t seem to be doing well in O Teri, thanks to the poor and uninteresting kind of script. Furthermore, the main three characters too were seen performing in the way as they are simply waiting for the pack up. All in all, O Teri is a failed attempt to make some really good messaged based film like Jai Ho.

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