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Dishkiyaoon Movie Review


Enjoy Dishkiyaoon with few plot twists, less sense and with several glaring loopholes.

The movie Dishkiyaoon simply revolves around the underworld, wherein the leading character is seen proving his might in his chosen niche area. Directed by Sanamjit Singh Talwar, the film has cast, which comprises of Sunny Deol, Harman Baweja, Prashan Narayan, Ayesha Khanna and Adidtya Pancholi. The story line starts simple but end up in the murky world of Mafia taking you nowhere. Young Vicky (Harman Baweja) who happens to be the only child of his well to do parent is seen enjoying his cool and comfortable life. However, the twist in his life comes when he is seen suddenly losing her mother. After his mother’s demise, he is seen all alone, while his father has no time for him.

Being deprived by love, care and affection Vicky is pitted with loneliness since there is no one around him to attend. This simply leads or rather pushes him to the bad world of mafia wherein he really finds the lost solace or the peace of mind. As the movie trails further, he meets a tough guy called Lakwa being played by Sunny Deol who is seen with crippled right hand; however, his fingers are active, which becomes hyperactive when it comes to pulling or playing with the trigger. He is the man, who takes care of Vicky and leaves no stone unturned to transform him to a seasoned gangster renamed as Vicky Kartoos.

This makes Vicky synonymous to terror, which even scares the leading and powerful men in the society. Amidst his life of terror and fear he comes in touch with his love life called Ayesha Khanna, who makes her realize that he is treading the wrong path. Now, Vicky is a changed man, he simply wants his life back and wants to lead a life with peace of mind with his lady love. The roller coaster twist and turn is the part and parcel of the movie, which seems too stale and old to adopt in the film.

Though you have bigger names like Sunny Deol in the film, however, the climax of Dishkiyaoon seems very much shabby and blurred. You would encounter certain confusions in the film about the positive or negative characters. It is hard to make out whether the villain is a hero or simply the victim of his fortune/time. Then you have another man called Aditya Pancholi who seems very much stereotype in his character of a police officer. Harman who seems to have a good comeback in the Bollywood films seems good but really lacked the confidence while acting in some serious kinds of scenes. So, what remain in the films are certain typical twists and turns and some serious kind of blunders hard to digest.

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