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First day box office collection of Dishkiyaoon, O Teri & Youngistaan

box office collection of Dishkiyaoon, O Teri & Youngistaan

After a busy week carrying four movies at one row with particularly the sensuous Hindi movie Ragini MMS 2 hitting theaters last week, the current Friday has three different movies with diverse story line. The 28th March’s Friday had movies namely the much discussed movie Youngistaan, Dishkiyaoon and O Teri. Competition seems to be tough this week for the whole row of movies released this week as each of the movies comes with its own USPs and uniqueness. As far as Ragini MMS 2 is concerned, it’s going great guns wherein it has collected more than 25 crore in the very first weekend. Now, let’s see if any of the three movies released this Friday would be able to beat the rock and roll rush of Ragini MMS 2. However, looking at the box office figures all the three movies seems to be lagging behind with a poor show forget pulling down the dominance of Ragini MMS 2. All the three movies (Youngistaan, O Teri and Dishkiyaoon) seem to have got a low occupancy start as was expected. The total occupancy for all these flicks simply was seen in between the low ranges of 10 to 20 percent only. Nevertheless, only Youngistaan and O Teri were able to manage to do something better in the opening as compared to the very much hyped and marketed movie called Dishkiyaoon.

Well let’s get straight and check the exact figures of box office collection of Dishkiyaoon, O Teri & Youngistaan the trio movies on its first day. The release size of all these movies was more or less the same. All the three movies were seen struggling hard to get the box office collection on its very fist day in the theatres. As far as the responses of the people are concerned, they seemed mixed. Some people were seen applauding the comedy drama of O Teri, while other praised the Indian politics based fable of Youngistaan, whereas it was only the action lovers who were seen catching up the movie Dishkiyaoon.

If you check the first half occupancy report of all the three movies, it remained in the range of around 5 to 10 percent. Let’s talk specific, of all the three, Youngistaan seems to be doing well with the first day box office collection of around 5.5 crore, while both O Teri and Dishkiyaoon seemed closer with a collection of around 4 crore.  If you believe the experts, they are hoping to see the same kind of sad figures for all the three movies and calling a big waste of time watching any of the film with your family and friends. So, when you find the last week as sensual, the present week is somewhere too boring. But wait, time and tide never last, you have some better movies in the stock the coming future. So Enjoy!

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