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Which Bollywood Khan is the richest—Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, or Aamir Khan?

Have you ever wondered which Bollywood Khan is the wealthiest? Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Aamir Khan are three celebrities who have starred in numerous blockbusters and are well-known. They’ve been in the business for a while, and their own struggles have been really motivating. Scroll down to learn more about their current net worth!

Salman Khans have always been regarded as Bollywood’s front-runners. Whether it was Salman’s Tiger series, Aamir’s Dangal craze, or Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express, each of these actors had their own genres to rule and did it loudly.

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The Galaxy apartments, which are proudly owned by Salman Khan, are alone worth almost 100 crores. In addition, the actor makes a lot of money as a producer in addition to acting in films. In addition, he receives an enormous salary from Bigg Boss each year in addition to his earnings from Being Human and his other businesses. He has a net worth of 2900 crores and makes about 1.01 crores every day.

Red Chillies Entertainment, manages a sizable portion of Shah Rukh Khan’s company in the entertainment sector. In addition, he is an honorable co-owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders. As most people are aware, SRK is the Badshah of both Bollywood and cricket, two of the most popular sports in our nation. In addition to Mumbai, he also has buildings in Dubai. The superstar is thought to earn about 1.40 crores every day and have a net worth of 5593 crores.

Aamir Khan is last but not least! The celebrity is a perfectionist but believes in leading a modest life. His films have served as tangible evidence of this. He apparently has a daily income of roughly 33.47 lakhs and a net worth of 1800.

In conclusion, Shah Rukh Khan is the most prosperous Khan, and there is a clear advantage for him in the standings. Salman Khan comes in second on the list, followed by Aamir Khan.


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