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Raqesh Bapat Shares New Home Pictures, Post-Breakup Feeling, and More!

Raqesh Bapat is a well-known television personality who has appeared in a number of programs over the years. The actor returned to the spotlight as a competitor on Bigg Boss OTT. He and actress Shamita Shetty developed feelings for one another on the show. They also admitted their feelings for one another, and their sweet love tale quickly gained popularity among their admirers. He has also been rooting for her on Bigg Boss 15. They are frequently seen together even after the show has ended. Raqesh Bapat recently announced his relocation to Mumbai and published a photo of his new home.

raqesh bapat girlfriend

Shamita Shetty Boyfriend Raqesh Bapat

The actor rose to fame after his appearance in Bigg Boss. Shamita Shetty boyfriend Raqesh Bapat has shifted from Pune to Mumbai and recently shared pictures of his new house. He captioned the picture, “Life comes a full circle…#backtothebay #homesweethome ?♥️ #newbeginnings.” Raqesh sported a black outfit and made an official announcement of his big move.

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Fans of #ShaRa are overjoyed with Raqesh’s good news and can’t wait to see them wedded. “Yayyyy… congratulations Raqu,” an underwriter wrote. Many more successes await you. “Touchwood,” one person said, while another said, “Someone recently moved back to Mumbai.” I’m overjoyed for you.” “Ab shaadi bhi karlo,” wrote another.

samita shetty boyfriend

Previously, there were rumors that Shamita and Shamita Shetty boyfriend Raqesh had split up because she wanted him to relocate to Mumbai. Shamita believed that it was not the proper manner to have a relationship because Raqesh had relocated to Pune following his divorce from Ridhi Dogra. Despite Shamita and Raqesh’s clarification, an ETimes story stated that Shamita decided to skip her rakhi brother Rajeev Adatia’s goodbye dinner due to their dispute. “Shamita wants Raqesh to shift to Mumbai. After he went his separate ways from his wife Ridhi Dogra, Raqesh shifted base to Pune. Now, Raqesh does not want to shift to Mumbai. Shamita feels that this is not the right way to have a relationship,” a source said.

Raqesh and Shamita Shetty bf met on the sets of Bigg Boss OTT and quickly became friends. During their time in the residence, the two fell in love and expressed their emotions for each other. Raqesh and Shamita made news after the concert when they were photographed together, and fans went crazy with their appearance.

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Raqesh’s latest movie, on the other hand, suggests that the two are moving on the right path, and fans will soon hear some good news about them.

raqesh bapat

Raqesh Bapat girlfriend Shamita Shetty, who recently announced her split from lover Raqesh Bapat, has posted a new photo of herself on Instagram. The actress captioned the post as: “She s both hellfire and holy water, the flavour you taste depends on how you treat her”. Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat met on the reality show Bigg Boss OTT and fell in love. On Tuesday, the actress announced on her Instagram stories that samita shetty boyfriend Raqesh had split up and asked her fans to love and support their next music video.

Raqesh Bapat gf announcing her breakup, Shamita Shetty wrote, “Think it’s important to make this clear. Raqesh and I are no longer together and have not been for a while, but this beautiful music video is for all the fans who’ve given us so much love and support. Do continue to shower us with your love as individuals too. Here’s to positivity and newer horizons. Love and gratitude to you all.”

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Raqesh Bapat also shared a post on his Instagram stories and wrote, “I would like to share with you all that Shamita and I are no longer together. Destiny made our paths meet in the most unusual circumstances. Thank you so much to the Shara family for all the love and support. Being a private person, I did not want to publicly announce parting ways. However, I feel we owe it to our fans to put this out. I am mindful that this will break your hearts but you can continue to shower your love on us as individuals too. Looking forward to all your support. This music video is dedicated to all of you.”

shamita shetty

Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat were sighted in the city today promoting their single, Tere Vich Rab Disda. The couple posed and grinned for the photographers in Mumbai while on publicity duty. Shamita looked lovely in a long dress, while Raqesh dressed down in a blue striped shirt, white slacks, and red shoes. Shamita and Raqesh, who met on Bigg Boss OTT and began dating, announced their breakup last month, but begged their fans to support them as individuals, especially since they worked together on their song video. Sachet Tandon and Parampara Tandon performed the song, which was released on August 2. Manoj Muntashir wrote the lyrics, and Ashish Panda directed the music video.

Shamita Shetty made her Bollywood debut in the year 2000 with the film Mohabbatein. She has also worked in Zeher, Bewafaa, Cash, and a number of other films.

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Previously, the actor took to Instagram and posted a snapshot of himself lounging on his balcony. The actor wore a simple T-shirt and shorts while savoring Mumbai’s gorgeous monsoon weather. Raqesh captioned this photo when he shared it: “The world isn’t just the way it is. It is how we understand it, no? And in understanding something, we bring something to it, no? Doesn’t that make life a story? Sometimes we have thoughts that even we don’t understand. Thoughts that aren’t even true—that aren’t really how we feel—but they’re running through our heads anyway because they’re interesting to think about, no?”

The pair discussed their decision to make their breakup public in an interview with Bollywood Bubble. Shamita said, “We announced it on social media because we wanted people to know because they were sending us pro-love messages. We wanted to focus on ourselves more than ‘ShaRa’.”

Raqesh said, “We met in very unusual circumstances. None of us planned it. I wanted to play individually (in Bigg Boss). They (Bigg Boss) were calling me for years. I was and I am really scared of going to that house. It (their relationship) was unplanned. So now we tried and then it didn’t work. So we had to tell people. Also, I thought let’s not do it (breakup announcement) because I am a private person and I don’t want to be vocal about it. If we would have been in the Bigg Boss house then people would’ve seen why things didn’t work out but we are not in the Bigg Boss house and life is not just the Bigg Boss house.”

shamita shetty boyfriend raqesh

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Raqesh and Shamita met on Bigg Boss OTT last year and quickly fell in love during their time on the reality program. Shamita was also a Bigg Boss 15 contestant, and Raqesh joined the competition a few weeks later. However, due to health difficulties, he was forced to leave the show in the middle. Raqesh and Shamita recently collaborated on a song called Tere Vich Rab Disdain.

Bapat’s ex-wife, actor Ridhi Dogra, too took to social media to express her displeasure with the breakup. Bapat, who is still one of Dogra’s “well-wishers,” is “shocked” by the entire incident: “I don’t know why people think this (her to be the reason behind their breakup). She has been getting the crap from the audience for no reason. When there’s no truth to the fact. And it hurts me when somebody talks this way to a dear person of mine. ’No third person can break a relationship; it is only two people. It is between them if they can work it out or not. It’s totally up to them. Anybody coming in is not a reason for a breakup.”

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