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Karuthamuthu Asianet TV serial : wiki, cast, story, episode, videos


Karuthamuthu TV Serial :

Karuthamuttu serial on Asianet is running with high TRPs since last two years. The serial has intriguing twists and turns with an engrossing family drama at its core. Previously the serial short to fame with an unusual female lead, named Karthika.  Premi Vishwanath playing this character was extremely popular till she gave up the role few months back. With Akshara Kishore, the child actress, playing the granddaughter of the family, the TRPs have shot up highly. The serial nearing its end is one of the most watched shows on Asianet channel.

Show Timings: Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm on Asianet.

Karuthamuttu Synopsis:

The family of Dr. Balachandran was a more or less peaceful one until the two brothers Dr. Balachandran himself and Jayan marry two sisters Karthika and Kanya. Karthika is the dark complexioned, good hearted girl who is committed to her husband. Kanya on the other hand is a pervert influenced by her father. Though Karthika and Kanya are born from same mothers, their fathers are different. Shekharan is the pervert step father of Karthika who is always scheming ways to destroy her happiness.

Balachandran believes he has become impotent in an accident and is convinced that he can never become a father. When his wife becomes pregnant he starts doubting her character. Dr. Mareena, Balachandran’s friend loves him and is like a psychopath who conspires to either kill Karthika or to severe the bond between the couple. All this leads to Karthika running away from home after being hurt by Balachandran’s suspicion of her character.

After a leap of five years, there appears six years old Balachandrika living with her mother Karthika in the outskirts of Tamil Nadu. She is brought back home by Balachnadran’s father keep her identity a secret as asked by Karthika. Gradually it is revealed that Balamol is the daughter of Balachandran while Karthika has gone missing. Dr. Mareena’s villainy has come to light. Kanya is in the asylum.

Karthika has lost her memory and is all set to tie the knot with the son of the doctor who gave her shelter. Dr. Balachandran is still looking for Karthika while Dr. Mareena is in jail planning to kill Balachandran’s family as soon as she is released from jail.

Character and Cast:

Renu Saudar as Karthika ( Previously Premi Vishwanath)

Kishore Sathya as Dr. Balachandran

Akshara Kishore as Balamol

Archana Susheelan as  Dr. Mareena

Santhosh Kurup as Nathan

Lekshmi Priya as Kanya

Richard N J as Jayachandran

Shobha Mohan as Arundhati

Dr. Sharmila as Jagadamba

Thara Kalyan as Mallika

Srihari as KunjuShekharan

Awards in 2016:

  • Most Popular Serial – Karuthamuthu
  • Life Time Achievement award -Sreelatha Namoothiri
  • Best actor -Kishor Satya
  • Best Child actor -Akshara Kishor
  • Best director – Praveen kadakkavoor
  • Best Screenplay – Pradeep Panicker
  • Best character actor – Santosh Kurup
  • Best character actor(Special Jury)-Giridhar
  • Best Character actress -Thara Kalyan
  • Best actress in a negative role – Archana suseelan
  • Most Popular Actress (Special Jury) -Lekshmipriya
  • Best Script -Pradeep Panicker
  • Best actor in a humorous role- Jayakumar

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