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Ghanta Marathi Movie Review

Too Much of comedy and use of graphics hampers the film

This Friday in M Town we have one movie called Ghantaa releasing solo. The film after a much delay has finally hit the theatres, which is directed by Shailesh Shankar Kale and produced by Rohit Shetty under the banner of Brahmapura Pictures in association with Dashmi Creations. The film has Aroh Velankar, Amey wagh, Saksham kulkarni, Shivani Surve, Anuja Sathe, Kishor Kadam, Pushkar Shrotri, Viju Khote, Murli Sharma, Bhau Kadam and Kanchan Pagare in the lead and supporting roles. The music is given by Samir Saptiskar, while the lyrics is jotted down by Abhishek Khankar. The film is a comedy film, which is all set to entertain the Marathi cinema audience. Now, let’s get the crux of the film as under:


The film is all about three friends who are fresh college pass outs and they are struggling to get their first break to earn some money. However, soon when they fail to get any opportunity the trio are seen losing their track and end up falling prey of betting world that end up bringing them before the three villains in their life. The movie is all about their struggle and the way they get away with this mess, which is really an interesting idea to catch with.


The film starts with the usual fashion allowing you to see the three lead actors of the film Aroh Velankar, Amey Wagh and Saksham Kulkarni. The first half deals with their struggle along with loads of humor added in it which more often become monotonous hampering the entertainment value of the movie. The sloppy first half makes the film very much predictable as one can find any film with similar subject, however, the real punch lays at the second half, which is more enjoyable and can make the audience sit long without taking any loo break. It is more enjoyable than the previous half giving the gist of the film.

Talking about the performances, all the three friends have played their character nicely doing all justice to the job assigned to them. Though one may lag behind in terms of other shinny things that one may find in B Town films but still it can be a manageable affair. The use of graphics in the film is okay but the director has exceeded the limits by boasting things out of proportion. Also, the comedy is repetitive hampering the entertainment value especially in the first half. In a sense the director has failed to assess the overdoing of the comedy elements that has cornered the world far badly. The photography, editing, screenplay and other technical elements are okay yet they failed to enhance the entertainment value to a great extent.

Ghanta The Last Word

Ghanta film has two aspects at one end the makers have tried hard to touch the spirit of the genre allowing to score high, while on the other side too much of comedy and humor has hampered the show. Had the director has done his homework right, the film could have become much better what one can find at the current state. All he needed was to make the first half shorter with the same second half allowing the narrative of the film much better the current ones. This has somehow hampered the rating of the film.

Rating – 3.0


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