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Fuddu Movie Review

Fuddu is all about unique story and good performances

This Friday is among the busiest one with so many films releasing from diverse theme and subjects. It certainly include the romantic comedy film called Fuddu, which is directed by Sunil Subramai and produced by a couple of people including Pradeep Gupta and Mahima Gupta under the banner of Mahima Productions in association with ViaMonk Motion Pictures and Paradiso Productions. The film has Shubham & Swati Kapoor in the lead roles along with Shalini Arora, Gauhar Khan, Sujeet Pathak and Sharman Joshi in the supporting role while Sunny Leone is seen in the item song. The story is partly jotted down by Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Now, let’s dig in deep into Fuddu to get the gist of the film as under:


The film is all about a young man called Mohan who comes to Bombay city from Banaras. During his stay in Mumbai, he is very much pissed off to see how people live in cramped houses in the city. Soon his wife leaves for a very weird reason, which appears to be very much untrue while on the other side his family also ignores him and gives no respect. So, what happens at the end is interesting to check don’t forget to catch the same in any cinema close to you.


The film Fuddu may not be an extraordinary movie though but still can be called as worth watching once if you want a chance from any typical masala entertaining movie. You may not find any pre-release buzz fir the film hence catching any film without any expectation would be a good idea. Yet one may find dejected while catching the film to some extent in a way for not catching the film with vigor and excitement. Well, you may enjoy watching this rom-com movie despite seeing the novices in the movie. As said the movie is all about Mohan played by Shubham who moves to Mumbai from Banaras and later finds difficulty in blending with the city’s lifestyle.

He comes with great expectations but soon loses his heart when visits his elder brother’s place which is nothing less than the match box sized home and his finds really tough managing the show. In a sense he has to deal with the culture shock however, soon these issues goes at the backburner when he finds a job and even settles down with a wife called Shalini played by Swati Kapoor. As they live in a cramped Mumbai home, he is really shy to get intimate with his partner despite Shalini tries hard to get closer to the husband, which he fails to reciprocate leading to misconceptions and thus shattering the marriage. He then comes to the square one. The film has some realistic kind of script with loads of humor added in it but when he is really awesome in his performance.

In a sense he has nicely supported the story by playing the character so well. At no point you would find him going out of his character. You would empathize with him when he is seen expressing his various emotions both happiness and sadness. In other words you can find his screen presence par to any veteran actor. Swati while playing his wife’s character though has a small screen space yet has proved her worth. One may find a couple of lacuna in the film’s story but the filmmaker has tried to keep things fresh and different. The idea to show how middle class people struggle in their day to day life with added humor is a relevant thing, however, one may find some silly things in the movie yet it can be considered to some extent.

Fuddu Last Word

One may find the film with a weird climax but looking at the overall film, the picture is rosy. The makers did a mistake by not adding some songs with an item number at the end and this has therefore hampered the entertainment value to some extent. Fuddu may not be called as a great movie yet can be called as a decent watch as it has loads of message to convey which is backed with decent performances.


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