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Beiimaan Love Movie Review

Beiimaan Love

One May Not Take Women For Granted for Certainly the man who made this film

It was a busy Friday with too many films releasing having different themes. One of the of the movies released today is Beiimaan Love starring a slew of actors like Sunny Leone and Rajniesh Duggall in the lead roles while Daniel Weber, Rajiv Verma and Ziesha Nandy are doing their debut with this film. The film is directed and produced by Rajeev Chaudhari under the banner of Avanti Films Pvt Ltd. He is also the writer and screenplay man of the movie. The music is composed by Ankit Tiwari and others, while the film has around eight different songs of different zest and flair. Now, time to dig in deep to get the gist of the film as under:


As you check this film, you would be struck with two things, first it is a Sunny Leone starrer film which is free from emotions and wish she could learn, however, the one she got with this film had enough opportunities to prove herself as it was a well-rounded and meaty role having grey shades though she had a couple of sequences of seduction to please her fans. Secondly, despite the presence of a number of love making scenes, one can barely find a single lip-lock session amidst Sunny Leone and Rajniesh Duggall. The perfectly shaped figure of Leone and the six pack abs of the actor really added some amount of spice in it.

The film has love, drama and above all the vengeance. First the philandering and drunk heir of a jewelry based business man Raj Malhotra played by Duggal who is keen to take revenge of the insulted hurled in his business by Sunaina Verma played by Leone after she is seen slapping him in public. In fact, it was his fault as he is seen forcing her to take such action while reacting to her verbal rejection. He then makes a wager to his friend wherein he promises to bring her to his bedroom within ten days.

Raj claims that he is double MBA in love which is more than the MBA in marketing, so he is all set to woo the lady and end up seducing her. However, amidst all the mess the two falls in love in a true sense. Hence we see Leone coming back to her job with her tight attire and six inches heels to make the the gaily chop work. But soon you realize that the path of love is ignited with a plot twists like a loud mouthed and interfering family friend leading to the unleashing of the secret past. Zeisha Nancy and Avtar Gill along with her father are seen showcasing the drab drama but that doesn’t come in a good way.

So, the final question comes as to who is the winner in the game of heartbreak and deception. Wel,, it is certainly not the audience though one may give the credit to the dubbing artist of Sunny Leone for adding the realistic elements in her character and of course to the director as well for casting him a lady in a grey shade. One may call Sunny Leone to have limited amount of acting skills but she is known to do things with all her sincerity be it a savvy businesswoman or a simple homely daughter or anyone who is really deep in love with a character of Sunaina. One may call Duggal posturing too well in the film but on the other side he is seen appearing to following the directing clues to the T along with adding up the depth to his part.

Talking about the direction, story and screenplay, it just one man at the center who does things the best. The director however has failed to leverage the actress the fullest not even in the love making scenes in which Leone is seen specialized in it. On the other side you have the same many doing other jobs as well like writing story, doing the screenplay and handling the responsibilities of production. So, unlike we say jack in all is masters in none similar is the story of Rajeev Chaudhary who failed to do things right as it deserved. The music is okay and photography is good, which give enough reasons to the fans of Leone to catch the film.

Beiimaan Love the last word

Beiimaan Love is an usual story found in the every second office in the corporate world. So, the people having the exposure to this world can easily make out things easy making it very much predictable. Secondly the film comes along with an emotionless actress who has only one expertise to give the love making scenes again without emotions. Overall the film is only for the Leone’s fans and not for others in the row. Hence the rating of the film seems to be hampered a bit.

Ratin g- 2.0

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