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Sex Racket Caught In The Flat Of Priyanka Chopra’s Mother

sex racket in pc house

A spa in Versova was lately broken by the cops for operating an unlawful sex business, according to a review in Mid-Day. The residence that was raided connected to celebrity Priyanka Chopra, which she had rented to Charm Spa. Priyanka’s mom Madhu and her sibling Siddharth were also existing when the spa was released.

A resource was estimated in the newspaper saying, “This residence connected to Priyanka Chopra and her mother’s medical center is located next to this position. The whole ground (measuring 3,000 sq ft) connected to Chopra. In the starting of this 30 days, the cops had raided this position after they got to know that it was being used for sex business.”

Three females were saved from the spa. The cops have caught Dinesh Chandrakant, the administrator, while the proprietor Manik Soni is absconding, the review mentioned. The celebrity operates the second ground of Vastu Precinct Developing in Andheri calculating 3000 sq ft.

The analyzing official of the situation verified to the newspaper that the residence connected to the celebrity and said, “We are looking for Soni who is still at huge, once he is caught we would get to know the facts of the contract between him and the acting professional.”

Priyanka was allegedly unacquainted with the skin business occurring at the spa, and absolutely reliable the entrepreneurs. She is very disrupted to understand about this occurrence.

Another resource was estimated saying in Mid-Day, “She (Priyanka) was not conscious of the truth and reliable the entrepreneurs. She may take a choice whether to follow the rental or no.”

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