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Zid, Ungli & Zed Plus Box Office Predictions, Expectations, Business news

Zid & Ungli

Box office collection of Zid, Ungli and Zed Plus

Have you ever thought off, that one day you’ll be confused to choose a movie to watch in a day? Nooo? So, guys n girls it’s time to get groove with a hat trick in the coming Friday. As the rolling week is full on ready with three movies in row like the most popular and awaited ‘Zid movie 2014’ and the other two are ‘Ungli’ and ‘Zed Plus’. Now what, isn’t confusing which one to choose to go for isn’t? Don’t worry for that, as we are here to help you for this and we’ll talk about each one by one. However let’s make this comparable with the popular ones first like ‘Zid’ and ‘Ungli’. Talking about these movies then, yes both seems to be sparking movies of the month and on the other hand on the verge of clashing each other, but can you really depict how? No? Let me clear the confusion for this. The two stunning movie which are not even in the mouths of audience but also seems to be touching the hearts of the fans, and in the end both seems to be one on one with each other. Out of which, the one which is spreading it’s waves is ‘Zid’ whose promos and gestures are really catching fire on the floor, despite the movie is ‘A’ grade but in the end it’s all about business for which both the movie are on the track to be triggered in the looming Friday box office.

Ungli 1,2 and 3rd Day Box office Predicted collection 2- 3 Cr

Let’s have a brief idea about these one by one. Starting with Ungli that features Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut, Randeep Hooda, Neil Bhoopalam, Angad Bedi & Sanjay Dutt, Though the movie features some eye catchy stars but if we catch some sort of craze in the on-going activities of B town then, it’s like the movie would hardly be able to cross 2 or 3Crores in the weekend overseas, whereas if we talk about two week collection then as per the popularity it can cross 50Crores in 2weeks.

Zed Plus 1,2 and 3rd Day Box office Predicted collection  2 Cr

Coming on to the movie which reflects the security waves around the B town and the one which is in response to this is ‘Zed Plus’, a movie featuring some choosy fans celebs like Adil Hussain as one of many lead characters, including Mona Singh, Mukesh Tiwari, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Sanjay Mishra, Shivani Tanksale & Ekavali Khanna. Though the characters are somewhat un known to the audience but on the other hand, the movie fragrance the feel of comedy and indeed may be termed as a key to success. Talking in figures then, if the movie really impress the audience with its punches and jokes and able to grab at least some handful of audience then the movie can really hit the box office with stunning numbers around 5Crores in the first week worldwide box office and 60 Crores in two weeks.

Zid 1,2 and 3rd Day Box office Predicted collection 1 Cr

Last but not the least, the heart whelming movie of the month, yes it’s ‘Zid’. A movie that is really catching fire on the floor, in fact a chill winter is nothing in front of it. Featuring the hot Barbie Handa, Shraddha Das and one n only Karanvir Sharma, and though only the trailer is on fire and what else if the movie will be on the floor? I guess the collection may smash the Box office and can even break some records as well with 8-9Crores worldwide in the first week box office and if the response continues then the movie can easily cross 60 Crores in two weeks.

Despite, the figures are somewhat predictive but on the other hand all of them are in response to the audience perspective. Let’s see the movies can really make it or not.

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