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Ungli Movie Review – A Onetime Watch Movie

Ungli - movie review

This Friday, it’s a multi-movie release day with too many films releasing the same day soaring the competition within along with giving too many options for the audience. Among the four, Ungli is one of the, which is directed by Rensil D’ Silva, while it is produced under the banner Dharma Productions the popular production house of Karan Johar. As we all know Karan Johar is making movies on diverse issues, the idea of Ungli as a crusade against corruption is one of them. The lead stars include Emran Hashmi, Randeep Hooda, Sanjay Dutt, Kangana Ranaut and Neha Dhupia who are seen in different roles, with prominent ones are seen in the Ungli gang the group of crusaders. Now, let’s dig a little deep into the movie.

The story revolves around four friends- Abhay (Hooda), Maya (Kangana), Goti (Neil Bhoopalam) and Kalim (Angad Bedi) are good friends with normal jobs, however, come the night, the four turns into Batman mask crusaders who are just keen to teach the corrupt officers, bureaucrats and others lessons to tread the path of honesty and integrity shunning the corruption in the most unconventional fashion. They are fondly known as Ungli gang by common people and their increasing popularity simply becomes the tension of police department. ACP Kale played by Sanjay Dutt is assigned this job to nab these social vigilante crusaders. He takes the help of a smart and competent young cop called Nikhil played by Emran Hashmi. Nikhil somehow manages to enter this group taking its members into confidence, while at the later stage seen perplexed about his loyalties towards Ungli gang or police department. Will ACP Kale would be able to catch this gang, and what side would you find Nikhil at the end of the day is an interesting plot to watch.

Let’s check the good and bad thing. First things first, we will start with the good. The movie comes with a smart start since you would find the first part of the film very much entertaining and brisk. The innovations carried out by the Ungli gang to punish the corrupt officers and others are incredible to catch in the movie. Now, talking about performances, well, then two actors seems to have overshadowed others in the movie, of course, Emran Hashmi and Randeep Hooda. Hooda playing the gang leader cum a crime reporter has simply managed to bring out the charm and his acting superiority to par, while Emraan too has left no stone unturned to perform simply the best doing justice to his character. Sanjay Dutt after a brief exile is back on the silver screen with a good comeback playing again a nice role in the character of ACP Kale. Talking about the screenplay, it happens to be very much crispy since you would not find the movie falling prey to the usual masala notions of B Town movies wherein the script is dragged for no reasons and stretched for long. Lastly, don’t forget to catch Shraddha Kapoor in her dance number called Basanti, which tool remains one of the interesting aspects of the movie.

Now, let’s check the bad elements of the movie. Though the movie starts at an interesting note in the first half, but the climax seems similar to any other masala crime thriller. Also, the story behind seeing the formation of this gang seems too illogical and naïve hampering the overall plot and message of the movie. Emraan who is known for his liplock sessions and similar roles in Bollywood movies seemed doing the same under forced looks and out of blue while playing his part with Kangana. D’Silva has failed to give time to portray the different characters in the movie and thus was seen doing the film in a hurry. Kangana remained unused in the film, thus a presence of a talented actress seems to have failed in Ungli same is the story of Neil and Angad in the film as they too were seen filling the frame. Somehow, the director was also seen struggling in the climax.

Ungli last word

As per critics, the movie as a crusaders’ story has failed to make a mark unlike what you witnessed with movies like Rang De Basanti, which is also made on similar lines. Also, the performances or characters of the Ungli Gang and others in the movie seemed okay, yet at times remained undercooked. Despite some disappointments the efforts to make our society corruption free is highly appreciable and thus makes it at least a onetime watch. Once after watching it, you never know you end up recommending the same. Thus a rating of 3 can be justified for Ungli.

Rating – 3

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