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Zid Movie Review – An Erotic Thriller Soaring The Temperature All Around

ZID-Movie review

This Friday has given too many options, right from erotic movies like Zid to crime thriller to comedy and other genre movies. The movie Zid is among the few Hindi Erotic thriller, which is produced by Anubhav Sinha under the banner of Anubhav Sinha Productions in associations with Bearas Media Works, while is directed by Vivek Agnihotri. The lead roles in the movie are performed by Karanvir Sharma, and Mannara along with Shraddha Das. The music is given by the Sabri brothers (Sharib Sabri and Toshi Sabri), whereas the cinematography is accomplished by Yash Bhatt. Since its trailer release, the movie has been the talk of the town for being bold in content and thrill. Let’s dig deep a bit in the movie to find out how it goes within.

Let’s start with the plot, as said; it is basically a bold musical thriller, which you can very well catch both in the promos and needless to say in the movie as well. The movie has the main lead Karanvir playing the character of Rohan who happens to be a crime journalist, while Mannara plays the character called Maya in the film. On his assignment, he gets the opportunity to stay with the lady called Maya in an outhouse. Soon they end up getting attracted to each other, though Maya happens to be very much serious, while Rohan is just involved with the hot lady to quench his thirst for his base desires. On realizing this bitter side of Maya, she is seen getting shattered, while the other girl in the film is Shraddha Das who happens to be very much obsessed with this man and wants him at any cost. The Zid is all about possessing this man and how things transpire is worthy to catch in the film.

As far as performances of the lead roles are concerned, both Mannara and Vivek seemed okay though not par with other veteran actors of B Town. Being among the novices in acting in Bollywood, their performances as an average or above average seemed justified; however, what remains obvious is the sensuality of Mannara, which has overshadowed their performances to a great extent. A number of bold and hot sequences from Mannara who also happens to be the cousin of Priyanka Chopra can prove worthy for her debut film. The others remained above average, which include music, cinematography and script. Overall if you look at Zid, it seemed overcooked with too many loose end failing to do justice to the so called thrill it has, however, it has only justified the erotic aspect of the film. Thanks to the sensual and hot presence of Mannara in the movie. The songs of Zid have gone popular again for the same reason as Zid was portrayed with the sensual Mannara in it.

Zid Final Word

As said Zid is basically a bold musical thriller, while the trailer of the movie has created that kind of buzz around the audience. Though the audience and critics have been awed and puzzled with the bold content, but for having a dull and slow script can hamper the movie to a great extent. Yet a sizeable amount of audience can be fetched towards it over the single screens for its bold content. So, for the audience who want to enjoy plain sensual and hot stuff at the cost of poor and dull story will not mind catching up Zid in the theatres, while others have option to catch up in the multiplexes in their towns or cities. Thus a rating with 2.0 is justified for the newcomers and novice kind of performances in the movie with not that subtle kind of script in it.

Rating – 2.0

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