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Lock Upp: Payal Rohtagi gets into a verbal fight with Saisha Shinde

In the latest episode of ALT Balaji Lock Upp, contestants Payal Rohtagi and Saisha Shinde get into a huge fight with each other. In the recent episode, we have seen that a task as given to the contestants of performing a skit. While preparing for the same Payal Rohtagi tells Munawar to change the name from ‘Babuji’ to ‘babu sahib’ or ‘netaji’ as according to her ‘Babuji’ is an offensive word. However, the team members dint agree with Payal’s reasoning and Munawar ends up saying, “So let’s change the song ‘babuji’ and you write a new script.” To which Payal said that she is just trying to discuss.

In this full fused up moment, Saisha Shinde tried to interrupt in the matter and tells Payal not to create confusion to which Payal asks her not to come in between, ‘You are not my mother’, says Payal. This made Saisha very angry and she walks off saying, “Maine pyar se bola tha Payal. Don’t tell me ‘I am not your mother’. Nonsense. Jab dekho tab chalu hoo jaati hai. Tu dekh pehle, main teri mother banna bhi nhi chahti.” Replying to Saisha’s comment Payal says, “You always come and shut me when I am trying to talk.”

Fumed Saisha goes to the smoking room and said, “No wonder she is not getting roles. Who will want to work with her? Isiliye itne saalo se kaam nhi mila. Teri maa banna kaun chahta hai? Teri jaise beti na ho toh hi achha hai.”

After this heated bratt, Payal went ahead to talk to Saisha when the latter replied, “When you say ‘You are not my mother’ how do you think I am going to react?”. Payal tried to make Saisha understand the incident but, Saisha seems to be still upset with her. She says “I will decide if I felt disrespected or not.”

Adding up to this heated moment, Munawar went to Saisha and said, “Isko Babuji word offensive lag raha. Khud jo ghanto bhar bakwaas karti rehti hai, uska kuch nahi?”

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