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Lion Telugu Movie Review: Subtle Message backed by Balakrishna’s incredible performance  

In the South India Cinema, you have a Telugu movie hitting the theaters this Thursday called Lion. It is produced by the man called Rudrapati Ramana Rao under the banner of Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinema (SLV Cinema), while it is directed by Satyadev. The actors in the lead role include Nandamuri Balakrishna, Trisha Krishnan, and Radhika Apte, while the music comes from the man called Mani Sharma. Satyadev is making his debut with this film in direction. The movie revolves around the life of a CBI officer who spare no one whom he finds him guilty. Now, let’s check the crux of the film by digging deep inside the same as under:

The Story/Plot 

Meet Mr. Bose played by Balakrishna, who is an honest and competent CBI officer. He chases some bigwigs of society who are known to posses illegal assets. He is never seen lagging behind when he is seen on duty. Known for his integrity, he gets the case of the murder of Chief Minister, which brings in in the soop and he encounters different twists and turns. Though the death of the CM was declared to be a natural one, he sniffs the truth of murder in it and leaves no stone unturned to use his intelligence to crack the case. There many high-profile people who seem to be involved on this murder issue; however, he cares the damn for such people. The way he unveils the truth before the government, and media is interesting stuff to explore.

The Script Analysis 

Though Lion comes from a debutante director called Satya, but he seemed perfect in his job. He was successful enough to do justice to the character hiring stars like Bala. Now talking about the script, the story seems to be a bit perplexing in the first half but later turns gripping as the movie flows ahead especially when it reaches in the second half. In the first half, the audience can feel that they are being taken for a ride. You can find all together a new and virtual surrounding seems to have set around, which can confuse the audience. However, after the interval the movie merely turns interesting as the movie is able to unearth all the complexity. A number of sequences seemed rightly framed, and the flash back simply remained well planned.

The Star Performances 

This is one of the first films to have Bala after he entered politics. He was never seen feeling any kind of pressure while playing this character. The elements like action and emotions were very nicely managed in the character of Bose. On the other hand, Trisha who has a lesser screen presence as compared with the character of Bose, but her presence was more to fill the vacuum for the film. Lastly, Radhika too remained too confined in her role but played an okay performance. She was merely there to add the glamour quotient in the film. Now, talking about the Technical Stuff, right from the direction, editing, screen, etc. eveything went par as expected, which simply added the value of the film.

LionThe Last Word 

Balakrishna was simply awesome in his performance on the silver screen. He played the character with utter dexterity and professionalism. The movie wherein he plays the character of a CBI officer is simply able to impress one and all. The other elements within the film too worked par, but counts a lot is the subtle message, which the film brings out. Though he seems to have changed his profession, but the kind of message, he has given through the film is incredible. Yes, you need to respect your profession and help the society to grow and flourish. In other words, Lion is an incredible performance.

Rating – 3.5

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