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Khoobsurat Music Review

Khoobsurat Music review

The much-awaited romantic comedy movie of Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan is all set to hit the theatres this 19th September 2014. Finally, with its interesting trailer hitting the social media has already garnered positive response about the movie getting positive reviews about the same. Even its music release has made a fuss and buzz in the media. Well, how about analyzing and studying the story about the music and checking the gist of it as under:

First thing first, let us check the heads responsible for composing the music to singing and jotting down the lyrics for the same:

The music composers – Sneha Khanwalkar and Badshah

The Lyricists: Badshah, Ikram Rajasthani, Amitabh Verma, Sneha Khanwalkar and Sunil Choudhary

The play back singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Badshah, Resmi Sateesh, Priyal Panchal, Aasthsa, Jasleen Kaur Royal and Mouli Dav.

Let’s start with this movie’s first song – Engine Ki Seeti, which seems controversial though, yet happens to be among the most lively, energetic and peppy number found in the album. For few, the song was contentious, which raised many eye brows in the market, still is among the most fun filled and intriguing kind of songs at present. Not just the music, but even the lyrics along with the filming would compel you to stand up and hop along with feeling the groove with it.

The music, however, seemed usual with not much newness or freshness in it though looking at the visuals, trust me, you would be mesmerized by the dynamism discovered in it.  Sonam in this song simply epitomizes the soul and heart of this song; make her presence felt very loud and vivid. As she shakes her bum, she is simply seen awesome on the screen. With lots of energy and power, she comes out with loads of vigour and moving like a free bird while enjoying the best. Sunidhi Chauhan has come a long way, giving her soothing voice to songs like Kamli in Dhoom 3, she is once again seen crossing all the boundaries of music while singing the song – Engine Ki Seeti.

Next comes the song Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai, which is being crooned by the known Punjabi rappers called Aastha and Badshah. Well, again the duo has been superb in their singing. However, Badshah somewhere can remind you about Honey Singh, yet seems very much effective while putting his rapping voice and skills. The music in this song sound very much peppy backed by wacky kind of lyrics and certainly a crazy kind of video, which makes this song very much visual and audio pleasing experience.

The next is the song called Baal Khade, again sung by the melody queen Sunidhi Chauhan, however, the way she has done is very much different. You may find it very much slow but yes, you cannot count it in the list of typical Bollywood song. However, the lyrics of this song may sound a bit wacky, though you would certainly enjoy the unique accent. Despite all the uniqueness, the song may sound a bit boring, hence may fail to continue listening to the last minute of it.

The remaining two – Maa Ka Phone and Preet are two contrast songs. The former though has humorous lyrics but still fails to create the right impact, while the latter has more meaningful and subtle kind of lyrics adding the positive impact over the ears and hearts of the listeners. Maa Ka Phone is sung by Priyal Panchal and Mouli Dave can be just called as any other funny and entertaining song. The last one Preet song is sung by the talented Jasleen Kaur Royal, which she has crooned it very much nicely, adding all the effects that can certainly will certainly impress the listeners. With her soothing voice, Preet can be called a nice song for our ears.

The last word

The overall music of Khoosurat can be called as appealing and very much refreshing, which can for sure remains the object of love for the target audience, which happens to the youth. If you fall in this category of people, you would surely like the songs and enjoy the nice music in it.

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