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5 key elements you would like about the HNY’s Indiawaale song

Indiawaale Song in Happy New Year

The first song of Happy New Year has finally come out and no sooner did it surface, than it simply created a huge buzz in the media turning viral over the web. The Indiawaale song coming out yesterday (2nd September 2014) is among the top of the chartbuster list. Well, everyone has their own reasons to live and love it. If you have still not checked it, have a look at it for the following 5 elements, which you cannot just ignore about this song. Let us check them out:

1). The foot tapping music by Vishal Shekhar

The duo – Vishal and Shekhar has been phenomenal in their work and have often seen doing wonders while working with Farah Khan. Again, this time too, Farah and SRK have no complain about their music and with the passion, they create the melody in their music. Indiawaale song is also no exception. As you listen to it, you would experience some compelling kind of tune in it and guess what, you would simply not stop humming it all the day singing and listening to this song.

2) Incredible filming

If you check the song Indiawaale, there is no two thought about the fact that the song has been beautifully filmed. Thanks to the smart use of camera and other effects, this makes the cinematography incredibly irresistible. You can find the entire team of HNY – SRK, Deepika, Abhishek, Sonu, Boman and Vivaan Shah performing together over the stage, which is beautifully filmed and thus goes on a big scale.

3). The unusual blend of Vishal, KK, Neeti Mohan and Shankar Mahadevan

The music of Indiawaale song goes very much catchy but that’s not all, as you have some unusual blend in it. This comes in the form of Vishal, KK, Shanker, and the melodious voice of Neeti, which combines together to get a perfect track.

4). The crazy antics by Abhishek Bacchan

The Jr. Bacchan is all set to steal the show along with his co-stars in this Indiawaale song. Well, all thanks to his incredible and unique kind of avatar he has for his mad antics.

5). The Groovy side

As you watch this song, you would find the complete cast of Happy New Year grooving together the best and nice way in this number. Well, they all appear to be committed and united team members.

Wrapping up

You have therefore so many elements, which make this song incredible and mind-blowing, giving you all the reasons to watch and enjoy it. If you still to watch this video, make sure get the glimpse of it and enjoy all these five elements.

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