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Jabran Ullu Web Series – The thirst trap suspense thriller showcases love, lust and revenge

Jabran Ullu Web Series : Cast, Story, Trailer, Review, Release date

Jabran Ullu series

The upcoming series – Jabran, hitting this month’s end (29h November) is set to set new fire amid the audience list. Get ready to catch the show as it soon starts streaming.

Web Series – Jabran
Release Date – November 29, 2022
OTT Platform: Ullu
Star Cast:- Donna Munshi and Mahi Khan

Ullu has been known to embark upon some extraordinary and bold content before its audience. Like before, it is back with, yet another series called Jabran, ready to hit this November 25. As the makers released the trailer, it was instant; thanks to the incredible storyline it encompasses, it has something interesting to share with the audience. The show’s lead actors include talented ones like Donna Munshi and Mahi Khan. You can catch their incredible performances as the series hits the popular app.


As you check the trailer below, you will realize that it is a thirst trap suspense thriller, which is there to offer the niche crowd insight and inside story of the society. The leading ladies in the show could showcase things perfectly while playing their characters in the front. The two looked fabulous in the show and featured well in several series before working in Jabran. These include the one in the Ullu series, Khoon Bhari Maang, which was again a massive hit on the OTT platform.

Thanks to the incredible on-screen chemistry, the duo will be able to resonate with the series audience with several thrilling moments and sequences impressing everyone. Now, talking about the plot, you can easily make out the storyline by watching the trailer. The trailer suggests that the show talks about the rough patches in the leading lady’s character and does not show any vanilla angle of the love story. The story is about a newly wed couple with different ways of love and lovemaking. The trailer showcases this difference creating a rift between the two. Thus, the show is all about love, lust and revenge, taking the story in a roller-coaster way.

Jabran Last Word or Verdict:

The series hits the nerves of the Hindi-knowing crowd, particularly from North India. With thrilling stories and roller-coaster twists and turns, Jabran will keep the audience glued until they finish all the series episodes. Jabran is the right match for you if you love thrills and bold content. So, are you ready to catch the show?

Jabran Ullu Originals : Official Trailer

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