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“I would like to say acting is not everyone cup of tea” Casting Director Abhishek Tiwari.

Abhishek Tiwari
Abhishek Tiwari

Casting director Abhishek Tiwari who himself has done more than fifty stage shows. As an actor, he was also inhand with three under adult movies with CMS in Jagran Films festival. Abhishek is also learning direction from many movies like Dabang2 and Bullet Raja. He is been into casting from past years with daily soaps and episodic. His work is also   associated with show like CID, Code Red and one of the upcoming show of lifeOk Zindagi Abhi Baki Hain Mere Ghost.

Mumbai is a place were uncountable people comes to grow themselves as an actor. Talking about them, how he deals with people who carry only style n attitude no skills. He tells, “I would like to say acting is not everyone cup of tea but yes if anyone really works hard to achieve his or her goal definetely industry will give him her a chance. It takes time but it happens. In mumbai. As a casting director I show them a mirror so that they judge themselves  where are they standing so that they go on the correct path and become something  someday.”

If casting is really difficult. Abhishek shares, “Yes casting is the most difficult  job because as being casting director we have to keep a vision where firstly actor needs to go into the character, secondly judge his acting so that he does not create problems while shooting on set, as in casting directors are blamed  if the actor is not able to perform later. In a day I have done sixty castings. It’s not a joke to takeel  so many actors and keep on giving options to the creatives.” Later talking about he have selected casting. He adds, “I will not lie firstly it’s for my bread and butter because I have to survive  in mumbai. And secondly I love this  job because I can judge actors as from directors point of view.”

Castng for daily series is chalenging or castng for episodics. “Casting for episodic is challenging more than daily because in episodic there is huge number of actors who has to be casted and every story has different  characters. And you need to do the casting sometimes in few hours also, the time you need a good judgement to cast and good sense of humor that makes you feel this actor can go into this character. So episodic is difficult and I have casted around  7000 thousand  actors in episodics.” Abhishek concludes.



  1. Hi abhishek your point of views are very much effective for struggling actors. I also appreciate your work as casting director as I beilieve is one of the thufts job in this business. Hope you do great work in future and guide us like this so that we learn something. Thanks.
    Regards Hassan.

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