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Sanjay Dutt Reaches Home for his 30 days Parole

After much furore over the parole of Sanjay Dutt, the authorities though decided not to give any similar facilities to the actor, yet, he seems to back on his parole once again. As per reports, Sanjay Dutt was back to his home in Bombay on his 30 days parole after getting the same Pune prison authorities who were making hue and cry on this issue earlier. The actor has been convicted under the Arms Act for possessing illegally a couple of arms like AK 56 before the Mumbai serials blasts of 1993.

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Last time he went to parole in March 2015 for his 5 year old daughter’s surgery, which was scheduled in April. The next parole application was given for the August month, which was not considered by the authorities until Dutt’s lawyer approached the Home Department. All his earlier furloughs and leaves have already exceeded his jail term for the same amount of time. Now Dutt has less than six months’ time to complete his term in jail.

Before March, Dutt had applied for the same in December for celebrating New Year with his family for 15 days. However, Dutt wanted to extend the same, which was further rejected by the authorities. Thanks to the uproar created in the media, which led this rejection. He has been frequently going out for various genuine and non genuine reasons.

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