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Here is why Ravi Teja paused Khiladi and jumped on Rama Rao On Duty

Image source: Indian Express

Ravi Teja has reportedly put his forthcoming film Khiladi on hold. The makers of Ramesh Varma directorial apparently because of date’s issues.

According to the reports, the shooting of the film was going on in full swing until Ravi Teja decided to jump to “Rama Rao On Duty”.

According to the reports Ravi Teja put a hold on the film “Khiladi”. The reports also suggest that the film took more than extra dates of Ravi Teja and still there was no clarity about the status of the film. That’s why Ravi Teja had to press the pause button until the issue was solved.

As it is known to all that Ravi Teja is very particular about his dates and remuneration. He never brings friendships and relationships between his work.

The reports also suggested that Ravi Teja has signed ‘Rama Rao On Duty’ for the highest remuneration ever which is Rs 15 Cr.

Now it seems the makers of Khiladi have to make a new date sheet and come up with a solution to solve the issues with the superstar. As it seems the senior hero won’t join the sets until the issue is resolved.

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