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Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Movie Review


The film Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein is releasing this Friday, which is a thriller suspense directed by Manish Srivastav. The film has an interesting star cast starting with the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah along with others like Amit Sial, Subrat Dutta, Anand Tiwari, Manasi Racchh and Auroshika Dey, who all are seen in the lead and supporting roles. Interestingly, this film was made in just 19 days, which is a record in itself and more than 60 percent of the film was shot in a guerrilla style as the scenes over the streets of Bandra, Mumbai, where it was made and thus was shot by the cameras inside the car. The film is all about a crime and its investigation, which makes it a niche film only suitable for people who have the taste of catching up crime thriller. Now, check the crux of the film.


The story of the film is simple yet complex in many ways. You have a bunch of people who lead their life on edge and high spirit. They have everything to enjoy amidst the lush and erotic life of drugs till they end up meeting a mission of getting loads of money for doing a crime. The crime on the location in the form of few murders with one hour video footage being supplied by the mastermind challenging the cops to crack the case is the crux of the story. The rest goes in the investigation part of the police led by a senior level cop played by the veteran actor – Naseeruddin Shah called Sanket Pujari. He leaves no stone unturned to get the case cracked and find the perpetrators of the crime who are nailed at the end. However, what goes inside the film and what’s the end of this killing mystery is a worthy thing to catch.

Script Analysis

The film has some of the most complex stories one can imagine, it is rich in content as the film itself is a content driven one by Manish Shrivastav. At one go, you may not be able to understand the film, thanks to the messy things that appears over the silver screen. However, if you miss one single scene, it will be difficult for you to understand and would therefore demand lots of focus to get back to the movie. Right from the start to the end, you may find huge amount of mystery being interwoven in the film making it interesting to catch and getting hardly any loo break except the ones you get during the intermission. All in all, it’s a power packed film with competitive performance by all the lead actors particularly from Naseeruddin Shah.

Star Performances

When it comes to star performances in the film Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein, it is needless to talk about Naseeruddin Shah. He has been always lured to the content driven films and this one is no exception. Remember his performances in films like A Wednesday, Red Alert, Finding Fanny and many other movies wherein he has given nothing but the best. His actions, his dialogues, his dictum and performance really is extremely appealing, which makes the film to reach to its zenith. The others in the film too were incredible, and the credit goes to the director who has been really cool in his efforts of filmmaking.

Direction, Music, Screenplay, Editing and other technical Stuff

In terms of direction, hats off to the man Manish Srivastav, who has left no stone unturned to portray nothing but the best. With Naseeruddin Shah and this direction at the centre, one can imagine the kind of performance seen over the silver screen. Too good is just the tip of the iceberg for the performance, direction and content of the film. Though such films hardly require much music, yet you can find a couple of sequences, which are okay but not the best for many reasons. The technical stuff seemed to have some minimal flaw thanks to the guerrilla techniques being used to make the film, however, it gives the elements of refreshment and realistic features.

Last Word Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein

The film Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein is essentially a crime thriller, which has loads of action, mystery, mafia, police investigation, and many more things, which together make the film interesting to catch upon. With veterans like Naseeruddin Shah, the content driven film has many things to explore with. Right from performance to good direction and rich content, one can find loads of other things to enjoy in it. You have many reasons to catch the film if you happen to be the fan of Naseeruddin Shah or have the quest to catch some content driven and cool movies.

Rating – 4.5

Manoj L


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