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Yaara Silly Silly Movie Review

Yaara Silly Silly Movie Review

Strange Chemistry Fails to Drive the Yaara Silly Silly at the Right Path

It’s a busy Friday this 6th November 2015 wherein five different movies hitting the theatres with diverse subjects and interesting star cast. One of these certainly includes the film Yaara Silly Silly, which falls under the genre of romance. The film is directed by Subhash Sehgal, while it is directed by Bharat Bhushan Suri and Subhash Sehgal. The story comes by Rajeev Yogendra Nath while the music is from Ankit Tiwari. The lead characters of the film are played by Paoli Dam and Parambrata Chatterjee, yes the same actors who were seen Hate Story and Kahani respectively. And the actors like Parth Suri, Zafar Dhillon, Eva Grover, etc will be seen in the supporting roles. Well, it’s time to dig in deep in the film to get the review of the same as under:


The film showcases an interesting chemistry found in between the lead stars – Paoli Dam and Parambrata. Paoli is a courtesan, while Parambrata is her customer, though the two started in a strange fashion, staying in her room for one complete night but remain away touching each other as the man in Paoli’s room didn’t want to come in touch with the lady owing to being shy and reserved. However, they end up befriending to each other followed by having time together by socialising and doing other things till they realise how they differ to one another. As time flies, the two meets in a railway bogie travelling to a common destination to realise that they had stayed together for one complete night. So, things, which remained incomplete in the last meeting seems to reach out to the finishing line, however, it all happens, what goes at the end to the married man for reviving the old relationship with a courtesan is interesting to explore.

Script Analysis

Though the film is claimed to be romantic in terms of subject and theme, however, once you catch the film you realise how it becomes an intense love story. The ravishing chemistry the two lead stars share between them really poses this important fact about the film. As far as the script or story is concerned, it’s a female based film, which keeping Parambrata’s character as a secondary lead in this film. The first half seems slow and perplexing as the two strangers meet in a railway compartment and revive their incomplete story, but the kind of past and present switching off a number of sequences really makes the audience play hide and seek without realising about the same. The second half seems interesting and gives a competent climax.

Star Performances

Both the lead actors in the film can be called as new faces though Paoli seems to be a matured one than Parambrata. The film had a couple of intense and hilarious scenes, which demanded a perfect portrayal of emotions over the silver screen. However, the two actors seemed lagging behind in some ways or the other, though Paoli managed to do the same to some extent. This is perhaps the first time when any courtesan is being portrayed in this fashion, which makes Paoli feel something special about the character, however, once you catch up the film, you would realise how much water this character really holds.

Direction, Music, Editing & Technical Stuff

The director of the film has managed to portray the character the way these demanded, however, one cannot put the entire blame on filmmaker since the star cast chosen too can be blamed for the same. Talking about the music, it seemed to create some stir in the media, thanks to the sensual moments the numbers of portrayed in the video, also the music seemed increasing the overall entertainment value of the film. The technical elements of the film including editing, screenplay, and other aspects seemed okay though cannot be called as impressive either.

Last Word – Yaara Silly Silly

Though the film Yaar Silly Silly tried to portray the strange chemistry between a courtesan and her customer in a different way, yet the kind of portrayal it demanded simply lacked the show. The film has too many loopholes, which seemed visible while catching it up over the silver screen, yet most of them seemed minimal enough to be ignored. Yet Yaara Silly Silly lacks the power to attract audience far and wide despite the kind of furore it created for a while with its poster and hot trailer. Time for the audience to decide, meanwhile, at CineTalkers, we didn’t find it worthy to give the film a higher rating.

Rating – 3.0

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