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“I have to work with Ekta Kapoor once.” Gaurav Khanna

The hot and dashing Gaurav Khanna who is essaying a pivotal role on Big Magic’s Akbar Birbal. He earned popularity for his roles in serials like Kumkum, Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam and many more also  showing his alluring body and style in many commercials ads. Gaurav here talks about his inputs and experience with the industry.

After leading so many shows what are you upto? By god’s grace and my fans well wishes I got a chance to be a part of so many shows on Indian television but after leading so many of them I feel I am yet to do that one show were I can show my whole potential as an actor hopefully its somewhere out there. Fingers crossed.

How did industry treat you so far?
Industry has treated me really well so far. Being not from this industry and not knowing any one in this city when I came. I think I have met some really good people who have motivated me to go even more stronger and push the envelopes as far as my career is concerned.

Do you wish to step in reality shows. If yes, what kind of reality shows you want to input yourself.
Yes, I do wish to try my hand at reality shows. Though I love to host reality as well. But if given a chance I would wanna be a part of the new age reality shows may be its dance oriented or crazy challenges.

Any production house you desire to work with?

Though I have been very lucky to work with so many good production houses. I would still love to work with some I have not got a chance to work with, like Balaji productions, have to work with Ekta Kapoor once. She makes awesome shows. Also then there is Sphere Origins, Shashi Sumit productions and Rashmi Sharma productions are the top of my today wishlist.

What are the positive and negative points you see ruling Indian telly shows?

Though Indian television is going at an amazing geometric progression rate as far as the eyeballs are concerned. I think we still need to push the boundaries a bit more and look beyond the grasp of the Indian TRP systems which is the solo decisive factor as of now. I am sure we have alot of talent still untapped in writing, directing, producing and acting dept. So yes sky is the limit for Indian television. We just need a little stronger will

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