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Catch Priyanka Chopra at the 2nd anniversary issue of Harper’s Bazaar Bride

Jeetu Likhar



Priyanka Chopra on Harper's Bazaar Cover

Priyanka Chopra is now seen gracing the cover over the second anniversary issue of the much hyped magazine called Harper’s Bazaar Bride. Priyanka Chopra who is seen over the global map is seen taking another roll over the global circuits with a huge storm getting her recent brush with Hollywood. Now, she is being flaunted over the cover page of the popular magazine in a modern bride avatar. She is seen exuding beauty, power and confidence at much higher rate than ever.

She is style by Divyak D Souza who is the actress seen wearing a Dior jacket while having the top by Anamika Khanna and the Lehenga is designed by Thakore and Abrham. One of the striking features of the PC’s bride avatar is her Christian Louboutin Shoes. After being chosen to present an award in Oscars, this is her second achievement, which are giving a huge recognition over the global map. Now, let’s catch this look over the cover page of the said magazine as under:

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