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Bigg Boss 16: Get ready to witness the war as contestants lock horns

Bigg Boss 16 is going to unfold some high-voltage drama, as it’s an attack time for the contenders. It seems like a huge quarrel is cooking up to be served next as contestants lock horns in the next episode of this most controversial reality show.

We can see that the competition between Gautam Singh Vig and Shalin Bhanot is at its peak. While Shalin has feelings for Tina Datta, Gautam s attraction towards Soundarya Sharma is also visible.

Gautam, who is currently a captain in the house, takes every single chance to flirt with Tina, making Shalin jealous each day. In envy, the Nagin actor gives it back by pecking Soundarya on her cheeks. This angers Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2’s actor to the core, and he belittles Shalin by calling his actions “cheap.” This clearly shows that the drama in Bigg Boss’ house has taken an interesting turn. Love, jealousy, fights, and non-stop drama are definitely on the way.

Gautam and Shalin getting jealous
Gautam and Shalin getting jealous

Another drama in Bigg Boss 16

The next fight flares up in the show when Archana Gautam steals a piece of ginger from one bedroom and takes it to her room. The captain distributed food items according to the requirements of all four bedrooms. But, it looks like Archana’s actions are surely gonna create a big disturbance in the house.

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Archana Gautam asked to SHUT UP 

After some time, the heated argument in the house is calmed when a fun task is assigned. Bigg Boss orders the contestants to place a vote for the most talkative and annoying voice in the house. The vote is tagged by the term ‘SHUT UP’ and Archana becomes the contestant to receive the most shut-up votes. 

Archana is then called inside the instruction room along with Shalin, where the duo gets instruction on new tasks. As per the task, the most talkative member (Archana Gautam) will keep her mouth shut. Shalin will work as her spokesperson and convey her message to everyone till then.

Keep watching to know what more drama is going to unfold in Bigg Boss 16.

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