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BB16: Soundarya Sharma got angry at Gautam Singh Vig for being posessive; “Paati hai kya mera”

 Bigg Boss 16 is getting quite interesting day by day as contestants are coming up with more fights, and more drama and Salman adds weekend ka tadka.  It’s been more than a week and the show is being consistently followed by the audience. For the past few days, audiences and contestants have noticed that something is cooking between Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Singh Vig. It was then revealed that when Soundarya kissed Shaleen Bhanot’s cheek and Gautam did not like it. 

He then tells Tina Dutta that he is okay with such jokes, especially when the person is aware of his feelings for her. He also told Shaleen that he does not like flirting with Soundarya as he likes her.

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Shaleen Bhanot kissed Soundarya Sharma, which Gautam Singh Vig did not like at all.

In the last episode, Shaleen did a kiss on Soundarya’s cheek, which made Gautam very angry, and called him a chip for this act. Shaleen said that she had kissed him first and it doesn’t mean anything. Gautam said that he did not like such behavior at all. Soundarya did not like his behavior of Vig and said that “he has been dating me for like 10 years, and Shaleen flirted with his girlfriend.” She goes out of the area and angrily says “Paati hai kya mera.” Later, Tina Dutta also says that if her boyfriend behaves like this then she has a problem.


When the show started, Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer’s bond was in question and it was spreading like fire in the house. Manya Singh even accused them of copying SidNaaz. Tina had then asked Shalin if he really likes Sumbul. Shalin denying the news had called Sumbul a ‘kid’.

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