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Sherlyn Chopra asks Salman Khan: Can’t you become BHAIJAAN to us ladies who have been treated unfairly?

Sherlyn Chopra has a message for Salman Khan, and it’s about the Bigg Boss 16 contestant, Sajid Khan. The director’s entry into Bigg Boss didn’t go well with many, and it created two sections of people, one opposing his entry and the other supporting him.

Now, actress Sherlyn Chopra has again spoken about it. Let us remind you that Sherlyn was one of the nine women who accused the filmmaker of sexual abuse. She has now questioned Salman Khan for allowing the #MeToo accused on his show.

She said, “This action of Bigg Boss makers gives a message that molesting a woman, touching her inappropriately, and flashing her private parts is fine. You will be eventually pardoned in the public’s eyes because you have top content makers and a channel backing you. ”

Sherlyn further added, “I just don’t get what has happened to Salman Khan. Being such a big star, how could he let this happen? You call yourself Bhaijaan, right? Can’t you become Bhaijaan to us women who have been wronged by him? Are you only Bhajiaan for important people and not for us outsiders?” Sherlyn has targeted Salman Khan with these words. We all know that the actor has been hosting the show for a decade now. So let’s see whether he will answer back or not.

“Salman Sir. might have voiced his objection to not letting Sajid in the house, but Sajid is sitting inside the house and it shows that Salman Sir. is also passive in this.”

Besides Sherlyn, several other actors and models have expressed their anger at Sajid

The director, who is the younger brother of filmmaker Farah Khan, is accused of exploiting his throne of influence. Sajid was accused of sexual assault, including displaying his private parts at events, demanding nude photos from female actors as part of the casting process, and watching porn in front of women.

Sona Mohapatra recently termed Indian television stations and executives “perverted and sorrowful” when Sajid Khan was cast as a participant on “Bigg Boss 16,’ hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

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