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Bigg Boss 13: Salman’s displeasure at Siddharth’s disgrace did not diminish

Season 13 of ‘Bigg Boss’ has managed to entertain the audience so far. The show has an edge in TRP ratings. Whether there is a dispute or contest between the contestants, the fans are quite fond. Amidst all this, the makers are being accused of favoring Siddharth Shukla. Not only this, even when Salman reprimanded Siddharth, the creative team prevented him from doing so, but now in the promo video which has come out, Salman has once again expressed his displeasure with Sidharth.

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In Weekend Ka War, Salman Khan will be seen flaming all the families. In the promo video, Salman first tells Asim that ‘Why did you call Shukla’s father a cry baby? You know where Shukla’s father is?’ On this, Asim says, “Yes.” Salman says, “Where ?” Aasim further said that ‘He is no longer in this world’. Getting angry at Asim, Salman says, “Then why did you say this, you seem the worst at the moment.”

After Asim, Salman says to Siddharth that ‘And Shukla you cross all limits in anger. Your real personality comes out in anger. ‘ Salman also does not miss targeting Rashmi. Salman says that ‘You are taunting the cameraman. If you feel that you are degrading you, you are being shown negative in the show, I am telling you that I can make the gate open, you can go. After this Salman says, ‘Open the Big Boss door.’

Today, Ajay Devgan and Kajol will also appear in the show. Who will promote his upcoming film ‘Tanaji’. During this, Salman will get Ajay and Kajol to do some fun tasks, which will also make you laugh and laugh.

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