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In this industry you cannot tell anyone that you are in depression: Arjun Bijlani

Arjun Bijlani

After the suicide of actor Kushal Punjabi, his friend and TV artist Arjun Bijlani has told the tricks of depression management. Arjun said that, “People don’t talk about depression openly. Because after knowing this, nobody will give them work. Can’t trust anybody, it is really sad. Having awareness about depression and centers There should be necessary helplines so that whenever someone is depressed, they can take help from these helplines.

Arjun Bijlani says that social media is a major cause of depression as well as a means to mask it. Nowadays, after seeing everyone’s posts on social media, it seems that the person is very happy. Seeing others happy on social media makes a depressed person more depressed. They feel that everything is going wrong only in their lives and everything is going right in the lives of others. I think social media is playing a very effective role in people’s lives today.

The actor said that I could be wrong, but now you know everything about everyone and everything is instant, someone buys something, shares it on social media, someone wears something new, shares on social media. Everyone knows everything about everyone. By seeing someone’s post, it may seem that the person has everything and is very happy, but in real life, that person may be sad or depressed.

It is important to know what you have and you keep working hard to reach your goal. You may not be able to achieve your goal, it is important to keep yourself strong from the beginning because failure is there in every field. Not everyone who goes for a job interview gets selected, but should keep trying. An environment of happiness should be maintained with the people around. Work is one aspect of life, but happiness actually comes from being with you and the family and many other things. Talk openly when in depression.

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